How to exfoliate skin at home naturally?

The tip to beautiful skin is exfoliating. Having a good exfoliating routine is the key to the smooth and glowing skin. Here is all you need to know about exfoliating for your skin type and colour so that you can make the most of your beauty routine.

skin exfoliating

Human skin requires special attention and careful maintenance. To have your face shone with beauty, it must be delicately and at the same time efficiently cleaned, nourished, toned.

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Face exfoliating

An important role in skin care plays a procedure of removing dead skin cells. It is exfoliating.

Cosmetological methods of eliminating this drawback are not affordable for many people. So, the relevance of the question how to peel the skin at home is actual.

skin exfoliating

The appearance of dead skin cells

The skin is an organ that constantly renews.

The younger the person, the faster regenerates the epidermis. The latter is protected by a thin layer of non-living cells, which typically needs to flake. 

But often this natural process is impeded by such factors as disturbed metabolism, age, improper care, which demands skin exfoliating.

Many people underestimate the importance of the processes of exfoliation of dead cells of the skin, and this is a mistake. The skin which is covered with a thick layer of dead skin cells worse breathes. This has an adverse impact on its health and appearance.

To maintain the beauty of the face for years, you must regularly conduct peeling procedures.

skin exfoliating


Exfoliation must be done no more often than once a week because the fascination with peeling leads to micro trauma and inflammation of the epidermis.

Exfoliation should be done only after thorough cleaning procedures, preferably before bedtime.

Homemade masks are widely used for removing dead skin cells and healthy skin.

skin exfoliating

Exfoliating skin home remedies

For the preparation of the homemade remedies are often used:

  • fresh vegetables;
  • fresh fruits;
  • ground cereals;
  • essential oil;
  • honey;
  • dairy products.

The choice of ingredients depends on the skin type. If the skin is dry and prone to inflammation, it is impossible to apply a mask containing the hard abrasive particles and products of acid.

skin exfoliating

Mask for the dry skin type

To ensure effective removal of dead skin cells, it is necessary to prepare a cover from the pulp of white grapes and liquid honey.

To do this, take a handful of berries, clean them from the seeds and skins and mash to form a slurry. Then you need to add a teaspoon of liquid honey and mix it thoroughly.

The mask is applied on face and left on for twenty minutes. The passage of time the face should be cleaned with a cotton swab soaked in chilled milk.

skin exfoliating

Exfoliating of oily skin

If the person has a special shine, in this case, masks can't contain high-fat products: cream, cooking oil and other.

Effectively cleans the face mask made from cucumber, almonds, rolled oats or cosmetic clay.

A few almonds must be ground into flour, after which you'll have to add the oat flakes and clay. All ingredients should be one teaspoon.

Then to the mixture add a tablespoon of the pulp of cucumber. Everything should be diluted with warm boiled water. The mask is applied with light massage movements. Keep the mixture for seven minutes. Wash the face thoroughly.

skin exfoliating

Mask for normal type

Smooth the skin of the face also requires timely removal of dead skin cells.  Homemade mask of oatmeal, homemade cream, vegetable oil, and salt give a helpful hand.

Half tablespoons of oatmeal should be transformed into flour and added to the same amount of cream. Combine the mixture with a teaspoon of butter and a pinch of fine salt.

The mask must be given a similar consistency. After that, the resulting mixture should be applied on face, massage gently leaves it for about ten minutes and wash.

Exfoliate the skin of the mixed type

For this purpose, the orange mask works the best. It is prepared from the juice of just one fruit, a tablespoon of milk and milled into rice flour and a teaspoon of salt.

All components are mixed until a homogeneous mass, which should be gently applied on face and left for at least five minutes.

After this, the mask should be removed with warm water.

skin exfoliating

Homemade scrubs

A properly-made facial scrub will remove dead skin cells and clean skin pores from accumulated dirt. As a scrub can be used honey, salt, sugar, coffee, and oats.

Honey is a valuable product not only for home use but also for cleansing the face. But honey scrub can be used only for those people who don't have allergy on this product.

To prepare the scrub, take a tablespoon of melted honey and a half spoon of salt. To have a fragrant scrub, you can add a little cinnamon. The product is applied with delicate movements and rinsed in a few minutes.

Responding to a question about how to remove the skin at home, it is important to mention the oatmeal scrub. It is prepared from a tablespoon of flakes, a pinch of salt and a couple of drops of olive oil.

Great exfoliate face scrub is made from organic coffee grounds and creamy cheese. Components are taken in equal proportions, mixed and applied with massage movements. Ten minutes later, the scrub can be washed off.

White sugar is widely used for making a facial scrub. For its preparation, it is enough to take a spoon of sugar and mix it with the same amount of apricot kernel oil. The scrub is applied to the wet skin of the face and for two minutes performing a gentle massage. After the procedure, it is washed off with water and moisturizing face cream is applied.

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