How to make a cutlery organizer yourself?

When everything is perfectly organized and easy to find your life is planned and not stressful. If your kitchen is still in a mess, find here the ideas which can help you. Read more.

cutlery organizer

From time to time we try to change our life and make it better and more enjoyable. Unusual ideas for our house can be a helpful hand. Small details, not standard utensils, bright everyday issues can change our mood and solve problems.

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Cutlery Organizer DIY.

Look, how you can use the iron cans, for example, those from tomato paste or baby food. One can get a great organizer for Cutlery, writing utensils or for the craft. But the organizer can be decorated in the way you like. How to make a cutlery organizer? So, if you are a creative person, if you want to make something, for example, cutlery organizer, and you have at least six spear metal cans at home, follow our guide and create.

cutlery organizer

What do you need to start?

So, watch the idea of using waste material - metal cans and inspire creativity.

For work, we need iron cans, only six pieces, though; you can use a larger number of jars. Also, we need a board, a hammer, nails, a file, or sandpaper, leather belt, screws, screwdriver, and paint.

cutlery organizer

The process itself.

Trim with a file or sandpaper the inside edge of the jars so as not to scratch the hand during usage of the organizer. All the cans paint with acrylic or any other paint. The board is cut to the necessary size, trimmed, and also painted. The cans are nailed to the wooden board with nails. Attach the leather belt to make a handle.

cutlery organizer

That's all. It is a very convenient organizer for storing cutlery in the kitchen.

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