Aliko Dangote: Why Nigeria is the best place in the world for investments?

Why Aliko Dangote thinks Nigeria is the best investment in the world? Get the answer now.

Nigeria has many rich people living in it. In fact the richest black man of the world according to Forbes comes from Nigeria and his name is Aliko Dangote. On April 12, 2016 he has turned 59. We send our congratulations and best wishes to this worthy man. Read what he has to say about investment opportunities in Nigeria.

 Why Nigeria is the best place for investments?

Investment in Nigeria – Aliko Dangote expert opinion

Even though today Nigerian economy goes through tough times, Aliko Dangote claims that he would not stay away from investing in his country. Moreover, that his cement plants continue to grow and produce. He is going to build new ones in Edo state and is going to invest over 1 billion US dollar in them. Such investment is supposed to boost his production capacities by some 41 million metric tonnes per year. But what is more, he is to create 6000 additional jobs for Nigerians. This is crucial for people’s survival and wellbeing.

Investment in Nigeria

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Why Edo state is the best investment in Nigeria?

According to Aliko Dangote this state introduces various economic reforms. They lower the tax for manufacturers and other businesses and make it more attractive for investments. And the infrastructure in the rural areas of the Edo state improves, too. This means more opportunities for growth and development.

Edo state is the best investment in Nigeria

Regardless of the oil prices and various economical odds Nigeria remains one of the biggest economies in Africa and it is still growing. Besides the Edo state he has mapped other 15 locations in Nigeria for his future investments. The cement plant is to be ready and working in little over two years. We hope that this blessed man would do good and reap good from his investments in the homeland. Maybe others would follow his example and find new and great investment opportunities in Nigeria. 

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