Copywriter jobs: how to make money online?

How to get copywriting jobs online and start making money from home? Get tons of practical tips!

Copywriter jobs

Is this even real? Can you work from home and make your living online? Yes! Copywriter jobs do offer people such an opportunity and allow to make a decent living too. Get the tips on how to do it.

What you need to get a copywriter job?

First of all you need some equipment. You need your PC and Internet access. At this you do not have to have an expensive computer. A basic office version is enough. You need the following software: Internet browser, MS Word with the spell checker and that’s about it!

And you certainly need some writing skills and good English. Most money from copywriting comes from outside of Nigeria. So, proper grammar is a must! And you should be able to create different types of content, such as:

  • Informative articles;
  • Stories;
  • How-tos;
  • Selling pages;
  • Landing pages;

All of these are in high demand on the Internet. If you follow this simple pattern for the content structure and flow, you can become a successful writer.

Article structure for copywriting – how to create awesome content:

  1. Title
    It has to be catchy, interesting, short and relevant to the article subject.
  2. Intro
    Your first paragraph is essential. It should contain up to 3-5 sentences. The shorter the better (2-3). And it also has to give away your main plot and the essence of the article. People have just few seconds to browse the content and see, if it is what they need or not. So make it catchy and summaries your information here.
    View it as an appetizer: a person has to read it and want more!
    how to make money online
  3. Sub headings
    Use at least one in the article body. The more the better. It allows you to structure text well and make it more readable. So make a new sub heading for a new block of info, as we do it here in this article.
  4. Num lists
    Use bullets or numbers to make lists in the article body. This way your content becomes much more readable! A person may go through it quickly and find the info they need.
    how to make money
  5. End paragraph
    Summarize the whole thing and lead up the reader to a conclusion or place your call to action here.

If you follow this simple patter, you can create readable, interesting and valuable content publishers are after.

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 money online

How to find a copywriting job?

There are many online resources that bring together writers and publishers. Elance or guru.com are some of them. Mind that part of these resources are local (Nigerian), but the most lucrative ones are global (US, UK, etc.).

So, what you need is the ability to receive payments for your work. Set up a bank account and see if your bank works with processing international payments in dollars. Then set up a free trial accounts with several copywriting services. Fill in your profile. Write a great copy to sell your skills online. Then start bidding on the projects. At first keep your prices down to earn reputation and good feedback on your work.

Gradually you would become able to raise the prices and start making decent money on your writing skills. Presently millions of people are in search of online jobs or online freelancer employees. However, only some of them become successful at it. What’s the trick?

make money online

How to become a successful copywriter and make much money online?

It’s not easy. Why? Just because you need to develop several valuable qualities to succeed. Here is a list of them.

  • Stability
    You should be able to work stably and maintain the deadlines. You can submit the work before the deadline is over, but not AFTER! Keeping the deadlines and working on the client’s schedule is what the publishers love the most!
  • Quality
    You should do the job timely and well! You should always proofread your text and use online free tools to check them for grammar and spelling errors. Be creative and write fun and engaging content.
  • Uniqueness
    All your texts should be unique (no copy-paste thing)! Do not be a copy cat and write your own thoughts or rearrange the information you get from other sources in a unique way.
  • Creativity
    You should be able to understand how people think. See what the readers want and what they like. How do you do that? Get on social media to see the posts liked and shared the most. And try to create similar content.

If you follow these tips over a time you can become a great writer and instead of bidding on jobs online, you would have publishers chasing you and offering you projects!



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