How to become rich in Nigeria – 10 quick methods

Think becoming rich is impossible? Learn about the 10 top methods available for Nigerians. Get new ideas and inspiration.

Everyone wants to be wealthy, have enough money for living. There're many millionaires in the world, who own companies, property, or any other things. Many of us are eager to become like them. That’s why the most common question, asked nowadays, is “How to become rich”.
How to become rich in Nigeria

Probably some of us will claim it’s impossible for a plain person with an ordinary job. It is only for those whose parents make money and have their own business, control various projects or goods production. If you think so, you're mistaken. Wealthy people do not fall down from heaven. They usually make lots of efforts to achieve their social and financial status. And this fact makes it possible for everyone. There're so many success stories of rich people, that you might consider them fictitious. However, some of them are true.

Ways how to become super rich

First, if you've decided to try, you must know about different ideas of how to become rich. We'll observe the easiest and most effective ones. They include the following:

 rich in Nigeria – 10 quick methodsMaking money online has become a popular method of getting wealthy. There exist lots of web sites, which offer you to earn by various means. You won’t need anything but your computer or laptop. For instance, you’ll have to search something on Google, and a company will pay for this. Such work isn’t highly-paid but is takes just several minutes.

It’s possible to create your web site (and buy a domain) as well. The companies will pay your for placing their advertisements. When someone clicks on the ad – you get paid. This way is suitable for those who're good at web developing and are ready to wait, because it works in the long run. Besides, there exist resources, which offer you to fulfill definite surveys for a small sum of money. It's another way to earn. For instance, you can do it around the clock. It's not the best and the quickest method though.

How to become rich American magnate Warren Buffett is glaring example of effectiveness of such method. He’s also thought to be the great expert in this sphere. He has been consulting investors for many years. Nowadays you may find his interview in popular magazines and on TV. He claims, his secret's that he keeps learning. To succeed in such field you should go through certain stages:

  • Change your thinking. Remember, that cash's a living thing. Asset management's important here. It possesses the same potential as you do. Think of each dollar as an employee.
  • Power of small amounts. Many people are wrong when think they need an enormous sum for their start-up. It actually will work even if you save just one dollar at one time.
  • Each saved dollar buys you freedom. The more your money employment is, the better your financial status becomes.
  • Responsibility. Where you're now is the sum of decisions you’ve made earlier. Thus, if you start investing right away you may get rich in ten years already.
  • Buy the stock. Plenty of people try to buy products. However, it’s more effective to purchase the company itself.
  • Study other people’s success and make use of it.
  • Lots of money's not an answer. Big sums won’t resolve your problems. You should learn how to manage the money right.

3.YouTube channel.
How to become rich quick methodsIt’s connected with the Internet. However, this very method requires creative thinking. If you're sure you're talented, you can create something funny, like a show. There's a great number of examples of those who’ve done so, collected billions of views, and earned money. Be ready that it won’t work.
It happens that you need to try several times before gaining success.

4.Metal detector.
It’s very controversial way, because there're no guarantees you’ll find anything. Nevertheless, there are many examples when people have found valuable items (like jewelry, etc.).

5.Marry someone rich.
It is not very fair method, because you'll have to do almost nothing by yourself (except for being attractive). Find a wealthy man or woman and win his or her heart. It’s probably easier for girls.

How to become rich – 10 quick methodsIt is very easy. However, the possibility of winning, for instance, one million dollars is comparatively low. Almost impossible, we should say. Nevertheless, there have been several examples in the history.

Your own business is the way. It's quite effective. All you need to know is what you're going to sell or produce (the products must be relevant). Besides, a certain amount of money's necessary for starting. Risks are high, but if you succeed, you'll become wealthy. Then, you are free to sell your business or continue earning with it.

8.Try yourself as self-employed expert.
Many people, who've developed particular skills, are able to work on themselves. It’s more profitable than working for any company. Don’t forget, there're risks and your skills must be special to reach something.

9.Property developing.
IHow to become rich – 10 methodst’s one of the most famous money making strategies. Buy a house, develop it, and then sell. You'll probably need to receive a credit, but the final value of property will cover all your expenses. It’s essential to sort out a good building in an appropriate area.

It’s possible to invent something new, that plenty of people need. Of course, it’s difficult. Don’t forget to patent your invention.

These are the most popular ways of getting lots of money. The majority of rich people have used one of them and succeeded.

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Money saving tips

Even if you manage to earn enough, it’s better to understand how to save your money. We offer the following tips:

rich in Nigeria Put money aside.
If you get paid don’t hurry to waste everything on new clothes or something else. Create an account and put your money there, watching the sum growing.

It will help to control your monthly spending.

You may try to live in a flat instead of a house. Or buy a used vehicle instead of new one.

Cut expenses.
Look at what you spend money for. Then, decide, what you can live without.

Get rid of credit card.
People who own it usually waste much more money.

Reduce utility bills.
Economize on electricity, gas, water, and so on. It'll impact your budget in a positive way.

Don’t squander money on rubbishSave money.
It is quite obvious, but very few people actually do it. Set a goal and then save some money for it every day or month.

Don’t squander money on rubbish.
People very often buy unnecessary things. It’s better to avoid it if you try to keep your cash.

Stay rich.
It’s more difficult to stay than to become wealthy. So be careful. As soon as you earn lots of money, you can start just wasting it. Finally, all your efforts might be made in vain.

Keeping to those tips you can be always rich and never lose your cash. You'll find more helpful advice in the book by Napoleon Hill, which is known as “Think and grow rich”. It contains a lot of useful information and tips on self-success strategies, which will be necessary for everyone who wants to find out how to make money.

The richest people in the world

Let’s observe the list of 10 richest and most successful people, who've reached their wealth by their own. According to Forbes 2015 ranking among them, there are:

C. S. Helu. Mexican billionaire

  •  D. Koch. He's the second co-owner and has the same amount of money.
  •  Christy Walton. Her father-in-law is the Wal-Mart founder. And her money totals $41.7 billion.
  •  L. Bettencourt. She's a co-owner of L'Oréal. She has almost 41 billion dollars.
  • Jim Walton. One of the inheritors of Wal-Mart. His net worth's $40.6 billion.

Aliko Dagnote.There are much more of them. The last one we want to mention is Aliko Dagnote. He’s a Nigerian billionaire, who is ranked 67th in Forbes list. He has got his fortune from cement, sugar, and flour industry. Nowadays he’s a Chairman and CEO of Dangote Group. His net worth totals $14.7 billion. Besides, he is considered the richest man not only in Nigeria, but also in whole Africa. It’s also interesting to know that last year (2014) he was rank 23rd according to Forbes. And it's really impressive.

Now you see, everyone in the world's able to become richer. All you need's to try. Besides, it’s essential to stay patient and make enough efforts, because, as we’ve said, riches do not fall down from heaven.

I 10 quick methods be richf you're ready for hardworking, select one of the suggested strategy. Of course, some of them're easier than the others. However, they might be less effective at the same time. You must choose the most appropriate for yourself. It’s possible to say, the most famous ways of getting rich are investing and property developing. The majority of billionaires have started from them. Besides, it doesn’t matter how much money you own right away. You don’t have to collect a big amount as well. The last and, possibly, most important thing you should remember is that it’s more difficult to stay rich that to become rich. Be wise and save your cash.


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Answered 1 month ago.

Its rarity, when person get big money just like that. That become wealthy needs many works. You must enjoy the work, want develop and move forward. Identify your interests and skills. Maybe, you are good cook or grow roses. Then move in that direction! Develop your skills, learn new, invent and experiment, you will be best in business.Try to develop your talent end he started bring you money and you will be truly rich.

Remember, many famous rich people started from scratch, but achieve because his personal qualities, dedication and patience.

Answered 1 year ago.

The concept of a business plan consist of knowledge, is required and we must strictly consider it. By raising skills, we increase the chances of deep success. It is a slow process that eventually lead to a phenomenal achievement in your business field. Understanding the objective will help grow by moving skills forward with the experience in any sphere of activity that your into. It takes pretty much of with patience including hard working and even disappointments until you reach the top. My self made goal is formulated.

Answered 1 year ago.

A quick quid doesn’t happen. If it were easy to earn much money all people would be rich. In my opinion to become rich and successful person you should work much and hard nowadays. Find your own favorite business and develop it. Put all your forces and opportunities in it. Of course you should love your business. The most important thing is belief in yourself, in your work, in your success. And it will be very great if your close people, relatives support you in your business, in difficult situations and help you.

Answered 1 year ago.
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