How to make money online with Google – 8 top ways for Nigeria

Need more money? Get online and make some with Google. It is your opportunity to become its partner and share its advetising revenues. Learn how now.

The world is rapidly changing including the way people make money and their living. A generation of our fathers did not even have a notion of asking a question: how to make money online with Google? Our generation has the occasion to move the working space online and start earning right from our homes.
How make money with Google

Before you get earning methods, let us make sure you comply with Google requirements for those, who can participate in its AdSense program. There are three things you should be aware of before you start:

  • 18+ years of age
    You should older than 18 to register with Google AdSense
  • Withdrawal minimal amount $100
    You should earn at least 100 US dollars before you can withdraw it and get even a cent of your honestly earned cash.
  • Get paid the next month
    You get paid the month after you earn the funds (earn in April, get paid in May).

Now, you may see those ads and promotions online promising you to make thousand dollars from Google in just a month or few weeks. Do not buy into that. Here we talk only of appropriate ways to make money online, something that really works. So, just throw away all that rubbish and the idea you can do nothing, know nothing and still get wealthy. It’s not true and it’s utopic.

 money online with Google The bad news is making money online requires time and some hard work. The good news is it is possible and legitimate. You can live in Nigeria, work from home and get a stable stream of income, but you should be teachable and eager to press on. Now, when the myth is dismantled, let’s grub away and discover how to make some money online with Google.

You need to grasp one thing – money is not made out of thin air. You should have some sort of content and online platform to make it with Google. What business here do you enter? It’s a mass media one. You become an owner of media channel: blog, website, YouTube channel, etc. This is how you should view yourself. You are in business of producing great, valuable and high quality content. That is how you can make your living.

3 elements of earning with Google:

These three are essential. You cannot do without them.

  • Your blog, channel or website
  • AdSense account
  • Great content

Once you have those, you can start making some money. Let’s take a close look and get some practical and actionable tips for you to get started or to monetize what you already have.

  1. AdSense make money with Google
    This is a Google advertising program and here is how it works. Google is a sort of huge go-between company. They offer businesses and entrepreneurs advertising spaces and services through their search results. Millions of people daily get online in search of products or services. Where do they find them? On sites and blogs, as well as on social media. How do they find them? Through various ads and directly through the site content.

    Google does not own any advertising spaces online. What it does, it just goes between and helps people get connected with the sites, where they can find info or those products. And it connects the sellers with the end consumers. In this process Google needs tons of advertising space.

    That is where you come in.  You can produce your own media and stock it up with great content. Then you enter AdSense program, Google places its ads (paid by businesses) on your webpages and once Google gets paid, it shares the revenues with you. Surely, you can directly find advertisers for your pages and get all the money with no go-betweens, but that is a different story.

    Working with Google is lucrative, because of high volumes. It has millions of advertisers and millions of searchers, it connects them and lets you be its partner in the process. So, how do you get started?

    First, get a Gmail.com account, if you do not have one yet. Then get registered with Google AdSense. You would need to fill in several fields, including such as the URL of your blog or website, or YouTube channel, where you plan to place the ads. If you have none yet, just click that option.

    Now you get evaluated and approved to participate. Google has guidelines for blogs or sites which its works with. It bans certain type of content, such as adult stuff or sites with violence, etc. Once you get accepted you can begin creating ads, placing them on your pages and start earning.

    How to make money
  2. Blogger.com
    If you do not own a blog yet, you can start one. It’s best to have a paid domain and hosting, but if you do not have cash for the time being, you can start for free. Blogger.com is possessed by Google. That is why it’s the only free blogging place, where you can start earning with no investment needed. Deeming you can generate your own content.

    It permits you to participate in AdSense program right away. Google can start inserting advertisements on your blog pages and generate you some revenue. Here is how you do it. Go to your Settings menu and pick the option Profit. It will offer you to get signed up with AdSense or enter the account, if you already have one.

    Follow the instructions. It will notify you of turning the ads on. You are in business now. What do you do next? Just sit around and wait for a miracle to happen? No, you get busy. Link your Blogger account with your Google+. It is a must. All the posts that get on Google+ become immediately listed by Google.

    It’s a good start. Then connect your blogging account to all your social media: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and start sharing your content. Of course, if you do not have any content, start crafting it.  Find practical tips in the section below on blogging.
  3. BloggingHow to make money online
    We will not talk about establishing a blog, but rather of earning with it. You need to pick a niche or a narrower topic instead of writing all about everything. Let’s say, you write about food, pick your niche: home cooking, Nigerian or African cuisine, pastry and baking, wedding food, etc.

    Now find your keywords. Use Google Keyword Tool for this. Identify the most fitting keywords and the amount of monthly search for them. Then go to Google and type in each keyword into the search. See what competition you are dealing with. Some sites there at the top are hard to beat.

    Now, these keywords and blog topics determine the level of income you get from Google AdSense. Some keywords are cheap and you get only few cents when someone clicks the ad. Here is a great way of boosting your income from Google without rewriting your content.

    You can use long tail keywords, the more expensive and lucrative ones.  For instance, you write about pastry and that is a cheap one. You can swap it for wedding cake pastry and see how that rates. It’s just is an example, but in most cases well targeted keywords are more lucrative. Then you write articles on wedding cakes, wedding cake decoration, etc. and grow your income in the same niche and topic by getting paid more for every click.

    The trick is to generate upscale, well-structured and valuable content for your end users. Do not think of Google, when you write it. Craft it for the humans. They are the ones, who click it and pay for it. So, do your best to help them save time, save money and gain useful or fun information. If you do it, they will share your content, click your ads and get engaged with your blog.

     make money for Nigeria
  4. YouTube
    The truth is the video is getting big online. Analytics predict that by 2018 75% of all the content folks consume online would be video. You can ride that tide and make some money online from Nigeria. The good thing is that even the average content can bring you cash if you go with the flow.

    Start a channel. It is free. Start publishing your videos and get registered with AdSense for your YouTube account. Basically, you follow the same steps as with Blogger.com. Connect your blog and weblog accounts. A great strategy is to announce your new videos on your blog and promote them there. You can post video snippets and direct visitors to YouTube to boost profits and traffic there.

    Connect it to your social media. Here is the best way to do things: pick your topics and keywords, create a great video, optimize it for SEO and post on YouTube. Then chunk it up into small pieces and distribute across the web: your blogs, site, social channels, guest posts, etc. All this would provide you links, traffic and money.
  5. Website  money online for Nigeria
    Basically, all we’ve talked above works for your website. In fact, you can create a whole network of channels by incorporating blogs, website, video channels, social media into one. Yet, make sure you follow Google guidelines to rank high. Here are some of the key ones for you to reflect on.

    First of all, tune up your website and make it mobile friendly. Presently it is one of the official requirements for Google high position. It has to load quickly on iPads and smartphones. Then use the space on website pages wisely. Provide great site structure, so your content would be searchable for end users.

    Create valuable content. It keeps coming up and it is hard to over emphasize the importance of the concept. Rubbish cannot get you high up in ranks. Build links smartly. Some links can get you into trouble instead of producing benefits. So, watch who you link to and who links to you. There are many tools online (free ones) to track that down. One of them is screaming frog SEO spider tool that can help you improve the operation of your site or blog.

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As you can see, there are legitimate methods and tips on how to make good money online with Google in Nigeria. They all are not that easy to pursue, but real. You can begin making some money quickly, if you learn how to do it and get busy delivering useful product – great content and value for Internet users. Google is searching for partners to share its advertising revenues with. Why not get ambitious and become one of the best of them?


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Yes, you make money online using Google's possible, even for beginners. Advertising is a very strong thing, because it pays well. It needs a good idea for a project, a fantasy and implementation. I think everything is real if you yourself want. YouTube also helps to make even in his youth, people do blogs relieve themselves on video and show everyone. If a person is interesting, it will look, and he earns.

Incidentally, on account of the site. This is also a very real way, but need content which you will earn. Try and everything you will.

I wish you luck in startups, you will succeed!)

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