Internet fraud in Nigeria

Unfortunately Nigeria has been known around the world for its scammers. Find out about the top scam cases that have taken place.

There exist many problems, which concern almost every country in the world. Most of them are connected with the modern technologies. With the development of new ones, more and more issues are being registered. Internet fraud in Nigeria has become a common thing. Plenty of scammers keep appearing every day.

nternet fraud in Nigeria

Before we can discuss Internetfraud in Nigeria, we need to observe the issue. Any type of fraud or dishonest scheme might be called scam. Thus, scammers are people, who actually do such thing. So, what is Internet fraud? This is the most widespread kind of all existed. It may be done online. Of course, there're lots of other common scams.

Nigerian scam varieties

As we have mentioned, there might be lots of various financial scams, which can concern entrepreneurs’ affairs, monetary funds, lottery of prizes, and any other ways of money extortion. However, we're going to observe all possible types of Internet fraud, as such cases have become extremely often. You must be at least aware of them and their features to avoid such situations. Besides, they are relatively new, which makes them hard to fight. The most widespread ones include the following:

  1. Identity theft. It refers to the email accounts hijacking. The fraudsters contact people from the list claiming they have been mugged while on vacations and asking for money. To avoid being cheated in such way, it is better, for example, to call you friend, or contact him or her by any other means.
    dentity theft. in Nigeria
  2. Non-delivery/non-payment. So, if you have decided to buy things online, make sure a seller is a reliable person with good reputation. In cases, when you are planning to sell anything, use special escrow and tracking services to make certain everything is delivered. Thus, you will be able to avoid becoming a victim.
  3. Miscellaneous fraud. Such criminal acts are usually done by home scammers. Their main purpose is to defraud people. It might be, for instance, some fictional contests.
    Miscellaneous fraud in Nigeria
  4. Spam. It is hard to find any person, who has never faced this very type. However, remember that such letters are not just annoying. They are aimed at deceiving you and taking money from you. They might steal your accounts, personal data, direct you to some overpriced or useless merchandise. The best way of keeping safe is not to click on any links in those letters. It's even better not to open them at all. If you see any strange message from an unknown sender with a suspicious content – it is likely to be from swindlers.
  5. Overpayment fraud. Sometimes it happens that a person buys an item from you and sends you transaction notification, where the amount of money is bigger than necessary. It should be an alarm bell for you. Very often, such notifications are fake. And if that person asks you to refund the difference, you may become a victim. Moreover, the scammers may send your money to some criminals, and you will have problems with the police as well.
  6. FBI-related scams. If you receive a message from so-called FBI agent, and he tells you they have money on your behalf, be sure they're fraudsters. Real agents never use Yahoo, Gmail, and Hotmail accounts. Moreover, they will unlikely send such information by email.
    FBI-related scams in Nigeria
  7. Computer crimes. This concerns a complex of frauds, connecting with your computer or network. They may be applied for other crimes as well. Make sure your hardware is properly secured. You should have spyware, firewall, anti-scamware, and anti-virus software. Otherwise, there are risks of becoming victim.
  8. Advance fee fraud. When you are asked to pay some fees to get anything valuable, get suspicious. After receiving payment, the scammer will disappear with your money.
  9. Auction fraud. It is an often case, when crimes are committed via auction websites. You can suffer being both a seller and a buyer. If you sell something, beware of overpayment issues (which we have observed above). It is also suspicious if someone from the US asks you to send a product from Africa. When purchasing an item, select only reliable merchants without negative complaints (or with few of them). Think twice before dealing with those, who offer other payment services instead of PayPal.
    Auction fraud in Nigeria
  10. Credit card fraud. Bank fraud in Nigeria is widespread. This category might include different kinds of scams. They might be overcharging, unauthorized card usage etc. Don't forget, credit cards are much better protected than debit ones. If you have suspicions of overcharging or other things like that – you must contact your bank assistant.

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The most striking fraud cases in Nigeria

Unfortunately, Nigeria is famous for its scam cases. Let’s look at the most prominent of them. The list contains the following:

  1. Nigerian 419. This scheme is internationally known. They send fraudulent proposals. Besides, they can offer currency exchange, various estate purchases, funding, and so on. There even exists special community in Nigeria. They try to fight against them.
    Nigerian 419.
  2. Yahoo guys. There are several boys, who have studied Information Technologies in Kuala Lumpur. In summer of 2015, they were charged for almost N130 million fraud. The police withdrew 5 laptops, 20 phones, cards, SIM cards, and documents used to scam victims by email, SMS, etc. The victims must have followed certain procedure to win a money prize.
    Yahoo guys.
  3. 6 Nigerians. They have done mail fraud, wire fraud, bank fraud, conspiracy to commit identity theft. They used of unauthorized account access devices, stole from the US government funds and applied conspiracy to commit money laundering. In 2014, they were sent to the US Federal Court to face charges.
    6 Nigerians.
  4. Reserve Bank of Australia. In 2006, a group of fraudsters started to use this name of a real institution. They offered to pay fees to get millions of dollars. Of course, the money doesn’t exist in reality. They also applied artificial names of non-existent institutions, which sounded reliable. Thus, they made people trust them.
    Reserve Bank of Australia.
  5. Olayinka Ilumsa Sunmola. He said to be retired military man. He appeared to be engaged in online romance scams (asking money from victims). He stole pictures and data of real people. Last year he was finally arrested in the United Kingdom.
    Olayinka Ilumsa Sunmola.

There have been much more cases in this country. The swindlers can use blogs, emails, cards, and many other things to commit a crime. Such tendency does not work for the good of plain Nigerians. They start facing lots of troubles. It happens that European and the US online shops do not receive payments from their credit cards. Such situation creates difficulties for ordering various products.

Internet scams have become very common in modern world. Not many people can distinguish them. That’s why they become victims and lose their money, personal data, and many other things. To avoid such terrible consequences, it is necessary to know all the possible types of fraud as well as alarm bells. Particular features can always make you know that something is wrong. So, be careful and very attentive, especially using the Internet. Remember that there are many people, who want to deceive you. Thus, do not be too trustful and check the information. Apply the protection software and keep your computer safe.


Every year online fraud is improved . Constantly finding new ways to lure money from people , to deceive the government and to cash in on someone else's grief . I agree that in Nigeria, good programmers , but it would be better if they sent all the mental capacity to create programs that will help and be useful . People that are engaged in fraud should be punished , and the funds that they have received fraudulent way must be returned to the victim . This is my opinion , and I think that a lot of thought so well as I do ...

Answered 1 year ago.

Computer scammers from Nigeria are very smart good programmers. Worked on the gullibility of people. now let them return the stolen money from people, and sit long jail. have to work honestly and correctly.

received letter from Nigeria to elektronku. Read the message and delirium did not believe what it says about the gold.You give me money, we're gold. Laughed a lot.Didn't know it was a Scam.Probably they were experienced computer fraud.To cheat need to be cunning and clever.Experienced,qualified guys who have been able to steal so much money - well done.Now they have to sit in jail and pay debts to banks

Answered 1 year ago.
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