10 most beautiful African president daughters

African women are beautiful and the presidents on this continent were blessed with some good looking kids. Learn who they are.

Africa is a rich continent. It is endowed with natural resources, land beauty, as well as with human beauty. Our list of 10 most beautiful African president daughters is another proof of this statement.
African president daughters 3
Most African rulers are very rich with the richest African president possessing a fortune of over 20 billion dollars. Moreover, these men are blessed to have smartest and most beautiful daughters. 

beautiful African president daughters
10. Bona Mugabe
Country: Zimbabwe
Family status: married
She has gotten her degree in finance in Hong Kong. The lady is smart and pretty and clearly deserves a spot in our list.

African president daughters
9.  Brenda Biya
Country: Cameroon
Family status: unmarried
This pretty girl on our list of 10 most beautiful African president daughters is very sociable. She loves twitting, facebooking and instagramming. Recently she has shared her thoughts, life and photos with the whole world.

president daughters
8. Princess Sikhanyiso Dlamini
Country: Swaziland
Family status: unmarried
She has gotten her degrees in USA and Australia. She is also known for her efforts in improving people’s life better by introducing more education and healthcare world.

most beautiful president daughters
7. Ange Kagame
Country: Rwanda
Family status: unmarried
Besides being beautiful Ange also has a kind heart. She is involved in philanthropy. She boldly speaks out her mind and works hard to open up new opportunities for education and better life of her people.

beautiful African president daughters
6. Thuthukile Zuma
Country: South Africa
Family status: unmarried
The opinions on Thuthukile’s beauty are controversial. She is the youngest daughter of the president. Her face is like those faces of millions of beautiful African women. She is Africa personified, so vivid and exciting. She is also smart and highly educated with a degree in anthropology.

most beautiful African
5. Ngina Kenyatta (junior)
Country: Kenya
Family status: unmarried
She has certainly inherited her beauty and her intelligence from the grandmother she is called after. She is very sociable and handsome. She had to deal with many rumors talking of her affairs or pregnancies. Still she was able to take a stand for herself.

African president daughters 1
4. Isabel dos Santos
Country: Angola
Family status: married
This fair lady is also the richest African woman and the richest black woman of our planet. She has gotten her education in UK and pursued her career in business. She owns banks, telecom firms, oil companies, etc. Her wedding was one of the grandest in history with over 800 guests present. She has spent over 4 million dollars on this special occasion.

 beautiful African president daughters 1
3. Zahra Buhari
Country: Nigeria
Family status: unmarried
The daughter of the current African president of Nigeria studies Medical Microbiology in UK. She is very beautiful and elegant. Recently many of her photos have been laid out in the Internet and her beauty is stunning.

most beautiful African president daughters 1
2. Malika Bongo
Country: Gabon
Family status: Married
This pretty woman has been on the cover of NewAfrianWoman magazine. She certainly has style and the famous African curves. Despite the riches and high social standing this woman does not shun her responsibility. She is celebrated for her stand for women’s rights in Africa.

African president daughters 2
1. Faith Elizabeth Sakwe
Country: Nigeria
Family status: married
This prettiest of the pretty African ladies is an adopted daughter of the president Jonathan Goodluck. He adopted her in 2000 after the death of her father (his dear friend). Faith got married in 2014 with the president leading her down the aisle.
Surely, these African ladies from our 10 most beautiful African president daughters list won got lucky to be born in presidents’ families.

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They have the real chance to make the most out of their lives and beauty to serve their countries and Africa.  The time will show how they manage that chance.


They are just so beautiful and one may say even gorgeous women. I can not but admire their self-confidence. It is probably very difficult to be a daughter of a president of Nigeria but they all are coping with this difficult task so easily. And i have watched a lot of interviews with them and i can tell that they are so down to earth, that it is not typical at all for them. I really like them especially Malika Bongo is incredibly smart and beautiful woman. She even came up with some interesting political ideas that were used by her father

Answered 1 year ago.

Well, i've always got this speacial thing towards African woman. Looking at these incredible pictures i can not resist the temptation of making compliments to those beautiful woman address. Their breathetaking beauty can leave no space in my choice to stay single, i'd marry one of them without hesitation. I am finding myself to be extremely surprised that some of them are unmarried. In my opinion, girls from Nigeria and Kenya are most beautiful in the whole world, can't speak for others, just stating obvious facts.

Answered 1 year ago.

Africa is a very beautiful and interesting continent. And some countries are really rich! There are lots of exotic animals (for european people). I was in Gabon one time. That trip was very nice and interesting. African people are calm and kind. They have their own culture and style, that can be interesting for european people. Women from the pictures are beautiful and and look nice. But I like president daughters from Nigeria and Kenya. Some african women have good style. I like their colorful clothes and bijou: bracelets and collier.

Answered 1 year ago.
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