Does Davido have a private jet?

When planning your vacation, people with attention choose the most suitable transport, which will take them to a place of rest. There are not so many ways to travel - there is a rail, water and air transport. The last type is the youngest but it has already been quite popular and proven.

The advantages and disadvantages of traveling by plane

But often the aircraft cause serious concerns and anxiety to a people. To finally determine the most appropriate form of transport, firstly you should consider all the advantages and disadvantages of traveling by plane.

Advantages of traveling by plane

The most important advantage of air travel is its high movement speed. In just a few hours you can cross thousands of kilometers and be in the right place. This is especially useful when you have a limited time.

— A trip by plane does not seem as tiresome as, for example, by train or by bus. After all, there is no need to spend a few days on the trip.

— Planes have a high service. The passengers during the flight are provided with food, drinks. Besides, it offers various ways to pass the time, for example, to watch a movie, read the press or read a magazine.

— During the flight, the passenger feels comfortable, it is provided that the seats are comfortable, allowing you relax and even sleep.

— It has very impressive view from the window, beautiful scenery, located at the bottom or the white clouds enveloping the plane.

  • Today, exists a unique opportunity to book a ticket by phone or Internet and forget about endless queues. Moreover, this service available at any time most convenient for you.

(But for our Davido there is no need to book a ticket now).

— By plane you can go to any country where it is not always possible to get by car or by train.

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Here are some disadvantages of air travel

 Perhaps the main drawback is the high cost of tickets, which is several times above the price of the train ticket.

Is quite problematic the procedure for the inspection of baggage, checking of passengers, it requires an additional time.

— Sometimes lot of time is required to pass or to get the luggage, there are cases when things were sent on another flight.

Often passengers have to do the transplant, which again requires an additional time.

— There is unfortunately high risk of accidents, because even a small failure can lead to serious consequences.

— Some people may experience different issues — motion sickness, vertigo fear of heights and others.

Planes are weather-sensitive transport, for example, in storm or nebula the high flights usually are cancelled.

— There is unpleasant phenomenon, it is considered the zone of turbulence, causing fear.

— Despite the high comfort level of the seats, it is still quite problematic to sit a few hours in one position.

— In aircraft there are restrictions on the use of cell phones, which can interfere with onboard equipment. That is why the usage of mobile phone is still banned. However, today in many modern liners this problem is solved, and you can safely use the phone.

Despite the presence of so many shortcomings, the plane remains the fastest mode of transport to get to any location in a matter of hours. Most people prefer to this kind of transport. If you like to travel with speed and comfort, then you can safely choose the plane. And, of course, do not be afraid to think about accidents, because they are not insured by any transport. Choose this method and get a lot of pleasure from the journey!

While most celebrities achieve to get their first car courtesy of their music, the famous Nigerian celebrity Davido seems to be doing much better than we'd think and is one of the youngest successful African celebrities which is managed to buy his own private jet.

He also comes from a very wealthy family. His father Chief Adeleke is a Nigerian billionaire and businessman.

On August 25, 2014, Davido tweeted about his newly acquired private jet. Davido is just 21, but he has recently bought himself a private jet and then has shown it to his fans.

He says: "Another day another dollar!! En route TOGO privately on my jet!! OBO! We did it guys! #milliondollarmoney".

Perhaps, the new plane will help him to tour the world in luxury and comfort, talking about beautiful skies and good life!

By the way, the list of Private jet owners in Nigeria seems to be getting on the increase every year. The list range from Clergymen to Businessmen and a few number of Artist (Entertainers), with Davido being the most recent in the list.

So, here are photos of the new Davido’s private jet.

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