Does illuminati kill and clone celebrities?

Why Illuminati Killed and cloned celebrities? How Illuminati clones were exposed? Read the article to find out!

Illuminati clone and kill celebrities

Does Illuminati clone and kill celebrities? What are the reasons for them to clone the celebrities and show them to the world? Illuminati is one of the oldest cults that apparently control the world. This organization has connections that can be traced for more than few thousands of years. According to historical records, Illuminati appeared in the eighteenth century. Nevertheless, it seems that they have more facts in the history to appear and much more that they desire to cover. One of the theories is that they cloned celebrities and now command the people through that celebrities. Why did Illuminati members clone celebrities?

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Why did Illuminati clone celebrities?


Money Illuminati

All people know that money decides everything. In the matter with cloning celebrities, it`s very simple. Like it was mentioned in the popular lyrics of Queen: “Show must go on.” It means that money wave should continue to flow. Therefore, it`s necessary that these celebrities should stay on one line and continue to collect money for Illuminati members. Nevertheless, it should be mentioned that they like to clone celebrities and use these clones to gather money from fans as they like their idols. Why should anybody leave this kind of golden mine if it can be continued mining?


Influence Illuminati

Why Illuminati members should loose influence because of somebodies’ death or unwillingness to cooperate. It seems that Illuminati order has the influence to make people cooperate. Nevertheless, some of the strongest and most influence people of the world do not desire to follow the rules of the order. They desire to fight and make their truth to be heard. Unfortunately, not everyone has the power to change their destiny or life. Illuminati order is one of the strongest in the whole world they have tools to make people disappear or convince them to cooperate if it`s needed.


Propaganda Illuminati

What can be the best option for propaganda if not Illuminati celebrities? Illuminati members can use clones of the celebrities to spread their propaganda beyond the measures of their compound. It`s quite difficult to understand their role in everything. Still, they desire to spread their ideas of sex, drugs and everything connected to ruling the world. Nevertheless, not everyone has a desire to be controlled by Illuminati or be Illuminati members. They do not wish to commanded by the rules of the secret order. Still, most of them do not have much of choice.


Tests Illuminati

Every country has its branch of Illuminati membership. Therefore, different cultures have different ideas of controlling the world. Still, the ultimate goal for every Illuminati member is to conquer the world. How can they do that? They do not have any ultimate goal. They keep experimenting with people. Therefore, they need some clones to represent their ideas and see how it works with different people. Even worse – how it can work with different nations. They need to clone celebrities and keep their experiments going, or they might have problems with new members.

Getting new members

Getting new members

What is the best way to get more members if not celebrities who can recruit these members from the catwalk or a movie screen? Nevertheless, not all celebrity members have a desire to be a part of Illuminati. Some of them might refuse to be part of that. Therefore, they need clones to spread their ideas and recruit new members. Celebrities are people that have an influence on the people. People follow them in everything and have a desire to be like their celebrities. What can hide these people? Clones are the best weapon to control everything connected to the mass media.

Army of clones

Army of clones

What is the best way to conquer the world if not the army of clones? Nevertheless, why do they clone only celebrities then? Don`t they have enough material to make more clones? Why do they need only celebrities to spread their propaganda? Still, it might only mean that Illuminati members are not that powerful that they want to be. They can have power in cloning people, but it seems that they don`t have material to provide a cheap army of slave clones that can heat up the ground for many people. Still, they have enough resources and power to clone celebrities all around the world and spread their ideas. It can only mean that they might get some ideas of providing new levels for cloning technics.  

How can Illuminati clone celebrities?

How can Illuminati clone celebrities?

How can it not be possible? Still, with all their power that they save in their hands, it can be quite possible. According to the recent discoveries, people can clone animals like dogs and cows today. It was showed by some Korean scientists that it`s quite possible to clone a dog or sheep. Still, these clones were not stable and didn`t last for long in their life. Still, Illuminati secret society might have discovered a path to clone not just animals but humans. Illuminati clone exposed in many countries. They do not look exactly like their idols. Some features of their bodies might help to show more of their false identity.

Queen Elizabeth

Queen Elizabeth

One of the people who revealed that her Majesty is not her majesty at all was Donald Marshall. He is a clone himself or might be a normal guy. Nevertheless, he tried to convince people that he has been living on the cloning station for some time. He was even born on that station, but he did not say much about his family. Does he have a family at all or he just desires to stay in secret? Nevertheless, in his writings on the Facebook Page, he described how he had encountered a clone of Queen Elizabeth. Why did this Donald Marshall decide to reveal this information to the world?

If you try to use Google for searching “Donald Marshall Cloning”, then you might get more than 250 000 results. Many of these results were not written by Marshall himself. You may search some results and discover, that many of these results are conspiracy blogs that discuss the matter of the cloning celebrities. You might also find videos that mention celebrity cloning with adding of some aspects for Donald Marshall.

Donald Marshall

The basics of Marshall`s story is connected to something, like this: Wen he was at the cloning facility, Donald discovered that the entire cloning station was under control of the group consisting of Freemasons with the connection of Scientologists and “The Vril Society.” According to the words of Donald Marshall, this group can be called ever-elusive Illuminati. He also gave some suggestions that leaders of the most influenced group in the world G20 are also Illuminati members. They usually meet in subterranean bunkers that can be workable as cloning facilities.

The highly professional and lucrative network of cloning bunkers can be found in many countries of the world. The cloning operations started after the sequences of the second World War. According to the posts written by Marshall on the Facebook, he explained that politicians started to perform this kind of atrocities after the Second World War. They know that some musicians and public people might help them to be in power for some time.

Some of these clones can be used in mere entertainment. It can be used as fighting in the gladiators’ arena, Illuminati rituals, and sacrifices or just for sex. They can also use clones for a precautions measures, like if somebody of original needs a spare liver.

Vladimir Putin

According to the messages of Marshall, the Royal Family of England and especially. It`s interesting that according to Marshal, Philip Duke of Edinburgh, Queen Elizabeth, and even Vladimir Putin have a pleasure to play with their clone slave at the dungeons. Moreover, in the case with Queen Elizabeth, she has her personal bunker for the games under her palace. She calls her clone-pets as children or lillibet. According to the witnesses, these persons who are in power, have sadistic desires to cut people. It`s no wonder, as they have an idea that clones are not people at all and can easily have a pleasure to kill and cut them. Torturing people is one of the most favorite parts of entertainment for people in power. It can be specific to Vladimir Putin as he takes a special pleasure by torturing these clones.

Marshall reported that most of the power people were ashamed of looking at him. It can be possible that they were ashamed of looking at him and preserve their disgust.  Marshall also mentioned some good people who did not desire to participate in this atrocity, but it seemed that they had no choice.

According to Marshal's theories of cloning people, if the clone feels the pain then the original can also feel the same pain. The clones and their original copies can bear the same physical damage. Therefore, they can be a perfect example of taking somebody in the custody and torturing. With every new clone, your mental capacity to endure the pain will be decreased. It means that a real person can be easier to subdue. It`s one of the most favorite games for Queen Elizabeth, to take everything under control.

Nevertheless, if you desire to have somebody under your total control, then the best way is to kill the original and place the copy instead. As it`s known, clones are pretty obedient to their masters. It`s apparently needed when you have an idea to sell hit after hit.  According to Marshall`s reports, many celebrities were cloned in the past years and now serve the Illuminati members.

Britney Spears

Britney Spears

According to the Britney Spears websites, she was reported dead many years ago. According to Marshal`s reports, BritneyIsDead.com is not a source of a lie. If you remember the news, right before now classic-rock opera Baby One More Time, Justin Timberlake and Britney Spears got into terrible car incident that resulted in the decapitation of Britney and long coma for Justin Timberlake. Their clones were quite in handy to take their place. It was noticed, that “Show must go on” and decapitation of Britney Spears might be one of the plans for Illuminati to take over the Popular Music Idols in the USA.

Years past and Britney Spears clones come and go. It can also be witnessed by her emotional ups and downs in the career. According to Marshal, there are always five or more spare clones who can take the place of Britney Spears. In some of her Lyrics, Britney Spears tried to show the real situation of Illuminati cloning celebrities’ situation. She even showed some animated videos where she tried to get some hints to the audience of her drastic situation. He might have even depicted a real cloning center in her animation videos. “Break The Ice” was one of the hits where she managed to provide some information about cloning centers. Marshal says that the tubes in the video looked exactly like real ones in the centers. Nevertheless, it`s still a mystery – why Illuminati leaders allowed to show or picture their cloning centers and show them to the whole world.



According to some rumors, the real Eminem died because of a drug overdose in a rehab center in 2005. He even reported in the interview that he was nearly dead at that time. Nevertheless, it might be only the sign that Illuminati copied a real Eminem at that time and the copy took its place on the musical Olymp. When Slim Shady was a great hit for all the world music arena, Illuminati approached Eminem. He tried to test him on the subject of how willing he will be to share any information with them or become the Illuminati member.  Slim Shady declined their offer of partnership. It meant only his initial death in the car incident, where for all world he was in Rehab.

Nevertheless, the real Eminem and clone version of the singer are not an ideal match. It can be seen that they have some differences in singing and performing. There are also some differences in a hairline or new head features. It should also be mentioned that the clone almost exposed himself on one of the television shows, where he suffered from a glitch.

Miley Cyrus

Miley Cyrus

Back in 2010, Miley Cyrus was an excellent teen sensation that was an idol for many teenagers. Nevertheless, teenage rebellion against her master cost her dearly. What is left of her is now buried in the California desert. It can be included two possible reasons for this atrocity. The first reason was when Miley Cyrus leaked some nude pictures of herself to the Internet. Therefore, she was proclaimed a national disgrace. It only meant that Disney`s had no chose rather than to kill the original Miley.

The other reason might be that Miley refused to provide sexual pleasure to the various of Disney`s executives who were also members of Illuminati order. She provided a clear statement that she wasn`t going to take part in their bloody orgies. It could only mean one path for her in that way – death. And now we have a perfect clone of Miley Cyrus today. It should also be mentioned that the clone of Miley Cyrus is one of the newest generation. It means that these clones are firmly obedient and largely leaving.

What gives cloning?

What gives cloning?

There are various reasons for the cloning celebrities. One of that reasons is collecting an army for the next conquering the world. It seems that clones are not stable and have some problems with glitches. Nevertheless, they are perfectly obedient in every way possible. Moreover, the word to say for Illuminati members cloning celebrities all around the world is money. They need to concentrate more money in their hands to rule the world.

Moreover, more clone celebrities mean more fans to like and army to made, and propaganda to spread. They need more grunts in their armies to spread the word of their masters. It can only mean new ways of cloning for them. They shouldn`t stop only on celebrities. It can only mean new murders, new victims, and new clones. With their power and money, they made every day – they can have much more clones. Their resources are immense. Moreover, their ultimate goal over controlling the world is not completed yet. New clones, new wars, new ideas, new celebrities – wait for them for the several next years.

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