Does Tiwa Savage have a child?

Have you heard the news that Tiwa Savage is with a baby? What are the details of such an unexpected turn of events and what did the celebrity share with the audience is right here?

Tiwa Savage This news is no longer brand-new, but for those of you who have lived under a rock and had no clue about it, here comes: Does Tiwa Savage gave a child? Yes, she does! Last year on July 22nd, the father of a baby and Tiwa’s manager, known as Tunji 'Tee Billz' Balogun has posted the first picture of their newborn on the Internet so that their friends and fans of this couple could rejoice together with them.

A father is holding a hand of a newborn and says “Thank You Jesus” under the caption. Parents seem to be happy beyond the words. The picture was quite popular on the social media, as the other celebrities started wishing them all the best and expressing how truly they all are for the parents. Among those who wished them all the best in a new role of parents was Don Jazzy that on that day could not stop spreading the news overwhelmed with joy for his friends. He packed his Twitter page with hashtags for a “Dorobaby,” and seemed to inform everyone on the Internet that Tiwa Savage and her husband have become parents that day.

Tiwa Savage has a child

However, the labor was not as easy as one could think it would be. There was serious danger against the life of Tiwa Savage’s son. The star says that she gets all covered with cold sweat when thinking about the moment when a doctor suddenly stated that the heart rate of a baby dropped and they had to a fast suction to save him.

As she explained it later, that was the scariest moment of her life when the life of a child was on edge. Today, this handsome beautiful child is there to bring joy and happiness into the lives of his parents that are proud of him and always seem to be bragging about him online.

The social media went crazy when heard that Tiwa Savage had a child. Her Instagram and Twitter accounts grew significantly, which only proves our point: common individuals want to see how a child born in such a family would turn out to be and what place in life he would search.

A year later, Tiw Savage was asked to answer several things for her interview on how it feels to be a mother. First of all, she mentioned that her biggest blessing she did not ever deserve. Her son, Jamal, is handsome, smart, cute, and curious just like all the other kids. She gets to explore the world with him. Even though she was not as actively involved in the show business after giving birth to the bundle of joy, she seemed absolutely happy and satisfied with her life.

does Tiwa Savage have a child

Here are several quotes from the interview this woman gave to journalists from a popular Internet platform when asked to share how her life changed once Jamal came into the world, and here is what this star has said.

Tiwa Savage encouraged women to become mothers as there is nothing like the feeling that someone needs you and wants to be around you all the time. However, women should be careful as soon as they become mothers, they will switch their focus to their children. However, they should still take proper care of their husbands, meet their needs, and first of all be wives and friends to them and only after this, mother to their children no matter how much they would want to change the position of these things.

Apart from that, she stated that even though motherhood is not simple, it has its benefits. It changes your character and teaches you to live selfless lives, unlike the ones you had before.

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Being a mother, Tiwa Savage had a temptation to change her attitude to sex life in marriage, as she got tired after a whole day of being around a baby that needs constant care and supervision. However, one of the lessons she learned is that her husband comes before her child. Her children will only benefit from seeing such an example in their family. God first united a husband and a wife, and only then gave them a baby. He definitely wants you to remain in this position till the rest of your life and children cannot change this algorithm.

Finally, Tiwa Savage shared what she realized about family life while being with the baby. She said that it is at that time that she fully acknowledged that her husband has the final word at every dispute they have. She keeps him accountable on all the purchases she makes and every decision she is thinking over. A star claims that this is her way of honoring a husband whom God out to be a leader and a commander in a family.

Tiwa Savage Instagram

These are boundaries Tiwa discovered after she got a child and lessons life has been teaching her in these circumstances. Since they are quite universal, you can also apply them to your life, especially if you think that your marriage will greatly benefit from them. We wish you good luck, and Towa Savage a happy motherhood despite all of its challenges.

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