Illuminati celebrities

People are wondering who the Illuminati stars are. How do they control the whole world using their music or movies? Who of famous people are parts of Illuminati alliance? You'll be surprised with the answers!

Illuminati people are often featured in the movies, TV shows, lots of video games and comic books, but even now it is not clear whether this secret organization is real. And whether it has the great influence in the world. People think that plenty of famous people are parts of Illuminati. Here is a list of illuminati celebrities according to the rumors.

A list of illuminati celebrities

illuminati sign

One way or another, but Illuminati are quite often connected with the celebrities. However, the celebrities deny illuminati. Some believe that they even had a hand in the deaths of some well-known personalities. But the involvement has never been proven at the official level. Among the victims of this alliance people name: John F. Kennedy, his brother Robert, sir Abraham Lincoln and even beloved Princess Diana. Now people say Madonna, Taylor Swift, Oprah and many others are parts of Illuminati. A list of all illuminati celebrities is difficult to create. But what about the celebrities that lived before? And who died? Now you will see a list of ten celebrities who have been victims of this alliance according to the rumors.

Top 10 Victims of Illuminati

10. Cory Monteith

cory monteith

At the time of his death Glee Star had completed the rehabilitation program of drug dependence and officially joined the ranks of people leading a healthy lifestyle. For this reason, it was shock when the media leaked the terrible news that a star was found dead in his hotel room in Vancouver in July 2013. His death was caused by a drug overdose and excessive alcohol consumption. Some immediately started a rumor that his death was part of a ritual Illuminati sacrifice.

9. Anna Nicole Smith

anna smith

In her short but exciting life Anna Nicole Smith managed to experience a variety of difficulties, including the tragedy that happened to her beloved son. According to a lot of her friends, she never recovered from the tragic death of her son and a few months later passed away after him, dying because of a drug overdose. Some people attributed it to depression, but conspiracy theorists believe that her death was also ordered by the Illuminati as part of ritual sacrifices.

8. John Lennon

john lennon

Apparently, his contradictory statements dug him a hole. Many organizations, such as FBI were watching him all the time because he was considered a huge threat to public safety. Conspiracy theorists believe that Lennon was murdered by fanatic Mark David Chapman, who was sent by the Illuminati to force Lennon to shut up.

7. Amy Winehouse

amy winehouse

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Amy was very talented and equally problematic. For many years, Amy Winehouse struggled with terrible drug and alcohol addiction. And during one of her recent speeches, shortly before her death, she went onto the stage, stumbling and muttering phrases inarticulately. The concert did not go as planned. It put an end to her future career. During one of her performances Amy told about one of the members of the Illuminati. Then she died of a drug overdose in 2011.

6. Kurt Cobain

Kurt cobain

Nirvana front man Kurt Cobain, according to some rumors, was associated with the Illuminati. According to the rumors they wanted to use him in their experiments on mind control. Cobain showed a fair share of skepticism and refused to participate in their researches. His disobedience was considered as a threat. In April 1994 he shot himself. Although many people believe that his death was ordered by the Illuminati.

5. Whitney Houston

whitney houston

Whitney Houston’s death was shock to a lot of people. But some were not particularly surprised at its cause. Whitney died of a drug overdose. For years she struggled with drug addiction, but by the time of death she had almost got rid of it. After the death of the singer there appeared the rumors that she became the victim of the bloody rituals of the Illuminati. But the reasons, why she has appeared in that list, are still not clear.

4. Brittany Murphy

brittany murphy

Brittany earned the recognition of the viewers starring in the teen movie Clueless. Then she began to play more serious roles. The mysterious death of Brittany Murphy happened when her career was at its peak. She kept flickering in the movie world news all the time. The autopsy revealed that the cause of Brittany’s death was pneumonia and anemia. And then a few months later her husband died extremely suddenly too.  The house of the couple was infected with a huge amount of toxic mold. A lot of supporters of the Illuminati theory argued that fungi were placed there intentionally.

3. Aaliyah

aaliyah singer

22-year-old performer of R & B Aaliyah got in a plane crash just when her career began to rise extremely fast. Conspiracy theorists believe that the crash was rigged by Illuminati in order not to ‘move’ Beyoncé from her pedestal (according to some reports, Beyoncé belongs to this alliance herself).

2. Philip Seymour Hoffman

philip hoffman

Like a lot of his colleagues, Philip Seymour Hoffman was the victim of a drug overdose in his New York apartment. Many say that the Illuminati generally choose their victims among those who are already suffering from this addiction. If so, Philip Seymour Hoffman was undoubtedly easy prey.

1. Michael Jackson

michael jackson

Prospective member of the Illuminati, the King of Pop was probably banished from this ‘limited circle’ after he began to act against the Illuminati. Michael did not want to give them control of the music industry. In addition, in one of his statements Michael Jackson said that the Illuminati had tried to blacken his name, naming him a pedophile. These words probably cost him his life. In June 2009, Jackson was found dead in his home. He died from drug overdose. Like others.




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Answered 1 year ago.

I learned a lot from this article of course, but for me it remains a mystery who the illyuminanty what kind of sect or community, do not know what to call it. Just I saw them a lot of articles, and this somehow interested. I got the impression that this community is necessarily connected with drugs, because all the celebrities who used drugs were in this group. Of course, if I'm wrong in something please correct me and tell the true story. I would appreciate that. By the way, they are even in the death of Michael Jackson is accused turns out, is not it?

Answered 1 year ago.
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