Illuminati members in the world

Who are the most famous and richest illuminati members in the world? Read and find out if you still don't know!

illuminati members

We have all heard of the mysterious illuminati society that existed a few centuries ago. But can you name all illuminati members in the world?

Jim Carrey

There is enough evidence to prove that this comedy actor is illuminati. If you watch him alone or in public, it will be impossible not to notice that his behaviour is weird.

Sometimes he makes jokes on this topic but it doesn’t mean he is not a part of a secret organization. Once he actually publically admitted his connection with it.

Lady Gaga

Everyone who knows this singer is aware that the kind of music she makes is very special. Her shows are outstanding and have nothing to do with the performances of other singers.

Even her appearance might be a sign that she has some secrets. Many people suspect her of being something more than just an entertainer. If you look closer, you will see that she is definitely not an ordinary woman.

illuminati members

Bob Dylan

Bob Dylan is a world-famous rock singer who is now about 80 years old. He has been writing music since he was a little child. If you listen to the lyrics of his songs, you will see that they are full of wisdom.

Every song he wrote became very famous and all people loved it. He still has a lot of fans. But how comes that this guy is so special in the music industry?

How does he find the suitable words for any kind of life situation? The fact that he is so extraordinary makes a lot of people think that he has some bond with the illuminati.

Kanye West

The reason why Kanye West is labeled illuminati is also the fact that he only sings about the weird topics.

In one of his songs he mentions having the relationship with the devil. It caused a lot of gossiping and some people suspect that he really is a part of the secret society.


Now Rihanna is also in the list of the illuminati members in the world. Few years ago this singer used to be a lot more modest but now she is not ashamed of anything.

If you listen to her songs or watch her videos, you will see that a lot of things changed and there is no way back. She is also one of the richest illuminati members because she is a very famous performer.

illuminati members


Some of the fans of Beyonce claim her to be illuminati too. They say that she is sometimes showing the illuminate sign with her hands.

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Moreover, a lot of people say that she is sometimes wearing the clothes with the triangles on it. Even though no one can be 100 percent sure, there is still a possibility that she is an illuminate member.

Jay Z

There are a lot of things about this singer that make people doubt. For example, he used the illuminati sign as the main image of his own business.

Even though Jay Z himself doesn’t admit being a part of a society, there are enough facts that can be used as a proof. For example, it is very strange that some of his predictions about his music career actually come true.

Maybe it is a coincidence. Who knows?

illuminati members

George Soros

This man is one of the most famous illuminate members in the whole world. His fortune amounts to millions of dollars and the media is still questioning how he reached such a success.

From time to time Soros tried to go political so that he can influence the authorities to make important decisions. When someone acts like that, the first thing you think is that this person is illuminate.

George Bush

There are a lot of mysteries around George Bush and his closest people. All his life is full of secrets and people are still asking questions about his political decisions.

We all know this weird story that happened during Olympic Games. There is no certain explanation to anything and he would never admit anything like that.

However, we are almost sure that something was going on with the famous US politician.

Barack Obama

illuminati members

Usually people tend to think that most of the politicians are somehow connected to illuminati. The reason for it is that we don’t know that much about their private life.

And there is no guarantee that what he know is actually true. A lot of changes happened during his presidency and we don’t know if he did it himself or some other illuminate members controlled him.

Queen Elizabeth II

Isn’t it weird that the Queen of England has been a head of the country for so long? It’s obvious that someone wants her to stay ruling.

We don’t know what the purpose is but the other theory says that she might actually be the boss of the secret organization. It makes the capital of Great Britain the most important city for illuminate.

Who knows how many more secrets the politicians have?

Our Pope

According to the evidence that we have about the establishment and purposes of the society, they were actually fighting against religion.

That’s why you might think that the religious person can’t possibly have something in common with them.

However, isn’t it the best way to control the religious power if you have control over someone who is responsible for that? There is no doubt that most of the popes were somehow connected with illuminati.



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