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People are wondering who the Illuminati are. How do they control the world? Who of famous people are parts of Illuminati alliance? You'll be amazed with the answers!

Illuminati believe that they control the whole music industry. They control media – so they control society. They invest money in the projects they like. As the rumors say, for example, Beyoncé 7 11 song. Illuminati invest money in movies or music that propagandizes their views or ideas. It makes society think it is their idea but not Illuminati’s.

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Nowadays a lot of celebrities are supposed to be connected with illuminati. They are: Madonna, Lady Gaga, Taylor Swift, Steven Spielberg, Charlie Sheen, Tom Hanks, Jorge Clooney, Steven King and many others. A list of all illuminati celebrities cannot be written, because it’s difficult to find evidences and facts that may prove their co-work with the alliance. Although such idea may seem absurd, there is no evidence that might disprove the involvement of the Illuminati in their lives. Of course, the celebrities deny illuminati. Even if they wanted to share they could not say anything.

A lot of songs were written about Illuminati. 2pac song about illuminati, Madonna’s famous song Illuminati. And there is also extremely popular 1 hour illuminati song. But whether fans made it or it’s their real song no one knows.

If to check up the Lyrics of Madonna’s song, for example, you’ll be surprised. The sense of song is that you should not look for illuminati in signs or a big eye. They are everywhere watching you, knowing all your secrets inside. Does she mean Illuminati are some kind of gods? No one knows.

madonna illuminati

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Another celeb sang a song about Illuminati. It was Jay Z. His song ‘Devils’ impressed the world. He said that Illuminati wanted his mind, body and soul. His angry words told about secret society which wanted to keep an eye on him. 2pac once told something similar in his song. That they were watching him using some kind of computer chip.

It’s possible that sometimes celebrities do not want to join the Illuminati. The alliance makes them join.  The famous people become the hostages of this situation. And they have to listen to the orders and follow the rules. But if they want to ‘quit’ they are killed.

Even Bob Marley once sang that there was a society which didn’t want people to be united. It wants wars and catastrophes. They want people killing one another.

Unfortunately, Illuminati know how to affect people’s brain. They do it every day during many years. How? Using the subconscious sound and graphics. Each movie, music video or song that Illuminati has invested money in, has a secret core. It is hidden from the people’s eyes. But it doesn’t mean it doesn’t work. These subconscious sounds and graphics affect our brain very much. And we don’t even notice it.

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We start having some ideas, thoughts and dreams. We believe we made them. But not always. Illuminati may be already ruling your mind. So beware not losing your personality.

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