Is miss Bumbum paralyzed after trying to kill herself?

What happened to miss Bum Bum after her fatal jump from the 4th floor? Find out now.

miss Bum Bum try to kill herself?Miss Bum Bum name is Deborah Dantas and she won the famous competition in Brazil. Her bums are deemed to be the best in the world.

Why did miss Bum Bum try to kill herself?

The girl has barely turned 20 years old. She is young, beautiful and famous. She is also quite popular among the men. Can a lady like this have any reasons to commit a suicide?

Well, Deborah certainly did have some reasons to do it. She jumped from the 4th floor of her apartment building. Prior to that she drank some alcohol mixed with anti-depressants, which can be lethal all by itself.

miss Bum Bum

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She did not pass away and doctors saved her life. However, presently miss Bum Bum is paralyzed and no longer can expose her dainty bums to the public. Still she has done a video in the hospital.

 miss Bum Bum try to kill

She thanked the doctors for all they have done to her. One of the possible reasons for killing herself was the unhappy love. Miss Bum Bum dated a local star named Mister Catra. She was forced to break up with him, because she got the news of him having over 20 kids from various women.

A friend of hers said the lady was drinking much before the fatal jump. The girl felt her life was meaningless and useless. Hopefully, she would be able to fully recover after all this.

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