Is TB Joshua Illuminati Leader in Nigeria?

What do you know about TB Joshua? Is he a leader of Illuminati in Nigeria?

Temitope Balogun Joshua

Temitope Balogun Joshua, who can be also referred as T.B. Joshua or Pastor. He is one of the most popular pastors in Nigeria. He can be also known as famous philanthropist and televangelist. T.B. Joshua is a founder and leader of the Christian organization, that runs Emmanuel TV, Church of All Nations and The Synagogue. T.B. Joshua pastor is famously criticized for his accusations of homosexuality and demonization. T.B. Joshua claims that he can perfectly save people from these diseases through his prayers. He is widely ridiculous for his desires and prophecies, which were wrong for several times.

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T.B. Joshua church is largely known for his popularity across Africa. On his online Facebook page, there are millions of fans. You can also see about half of million subscribers on his Youtube channel. Moreover, he is described as the most popular pastor with more than three hundred million views on Youtube.

T.B. Joshua Illuminati

T.B. Joshua Illuminati

What hides T.B. Joshua church with millions of followers all around the world. Moreover, T.B. Joshua net worth is estimated at more than few fifteen millions of dollars. Is he a real Illuminati leader in Nigeria? Despite false T.B. Joshua prophecies he still continues to gather millions of followers across all Nigeria and Africa.

What are the signs that T.B. Joshua news about him being Illuminati is truth? One of the main ideas is that he continues to show symbols of Illuminati from his every preach. He also desires to show that he can gather much more people around him to follow the ideas. It should be noticed that he has a power of persuasion.

T.B. Joshua news

Still, he has much to tell about his Illuminati membership. In some of his interviews, he even confessed that has influence power that can easily overpower God. Nevertheless, his prophecies are a lie, but people still follow him. He might have some power of illumination behind his back.

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