Is Tiwa Savage Illuminati?

Can a Nigerian celebrity become a member of Illuminati? Is Tiwa Savage one of them? What video proves do we have? Read the article about the secret order right now!

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Have you ever wonder is there any Illuminati members in Nigeria? There is a huge possibility of that! Popular Nigerian singer, Tiwa Savage, will soon lose the love of her numerous Nigerian fans by the recent appearance that has made people accuse girl of entrance into the controversial cult of the Illuminati.

Last Friday at the popular One Music Festival event, Tiwa made Nigerian fans extremely proud and happy as she made a splendid performance electrifying the excited audience with her perfect voice and extremly flexible body.

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Nevertheless, honors soon may disappear after she has apparently displayed widely believed Illuminati sign at the end of her spectacular performance in Brooklyn.

The assumption appeared yesterday, when Queen Mavin shared the trailer of the upcoming US tour. And in the middle of a short video the concentric triangles were very visible, and as if you consider it was not enough, she also threw the sign of the ROC, celebration and confirmation of Tiwa's recent musical deals with the popular American rapper, producer and business mogul, the owner of Roc Nation, Jay-Z, who was considered to be a prominent member of the alliance, named Illuminati.

tiwa savage illumnati

Fans consider ‘Roc sign’, as a diamond hand signal often used by Jay Z and artists associated with Beyoncé’s husband, was a sign that she had already joined the Illuminati. This video is currently trending on different social media and fans asking Tiwa Savage to give any formal explanation.

Tiwa Savage interview is always full of different personal information, but she has never mentioned Illuminati or any other alliance.  Tiwa Savage songs are always full of sense, but people are already trying to find some secret message to the world in them.

Who are Illuminati?

Who are Illuminati

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At various times, at least twenty different associations (sects, orders, fraternities,  secret societies) operated under the name of ‘Illuminati’, they had mystical sense and different ideologies.

And it is not surprising that the alliance has become the subject of many myths of the most outspoken. The image of this secret society is widely replicated in movie and literature. Let’s try to understand the major myths and truth about the legendary secret alliance of the enlightened.


Enlightened people

So when it comes to the Illuminati it is historically correct to think of the so-called the Bavarian Illuminati. Society of the Bavarian Illuminati was founded on May 1, 1776 at the University of Ingolstadt by the law professor Adam Weishaupt and initially consisted of only five members.

The Illuminati alliance did not conduct open recruitment to its ranks, preferring to choose and recruit all members itself. The Illuminati named their society Order of perfection. The Illuminati alliance had to fight against superstition and ignorance by spreading awareness and morality.

At last, the scientific view of the world had to replace ‘the dark Christianity’. But for such a serious goal Bavarians had to use a huge share of secrecy.

Circles of initiation

Circles of initiation

Structure of the organization of the Illuminati included three degrees of initiation – ‘novice’ (neophyte), ‘minerval’ and "enlightened minerval’.

Neophytes passed under the leadership of a mentor, whom he was unquestioningly supposed to obey. In addition, the novices were instructed to provide comprehensive information about the Order of his private life. Novitiate lasted about two years, then initiation ‘minerval’ happened.

It often happens that a member of the Illuminati knew only one person among his ‘colleagues’ – the one that led him into the Order.


george washington

Today in movies and literature, you can often meet the subject of the initiation - initiation is the process in terms of the Order that includes a special ritual, a solemn oath and determination of the secret name of the alias.

This interesting process was later borrowed by many Masonic lodges that have added there a variety of ceremonies - a ritual of sacrifice to simulate real-world problems like Search moonstone in a dark forest.

Weekdays of Illuminati

Weekdays of Illuminati

After the initiation converted Illuminati start to participate in society. Nonetheless, the Order was not too eager for fast decisions. Slowly and gradually the neophyte delved into the essence of some philosophical works of his predecessors and showed some interest if he was allowed to get new knowledge.

Knowledge was works, the latest scientific achievements. The Illuminati was honored as the highest science and art alliance, which have given the world a lot of outstanding minds.



Order had offices in a lot of European countries. But in the heyday of the ‘Society of the Bavarian Illuminati’ it consisted of about 2000 people. Gradually, the people of the upper classes began to join the Illuminati. For example, one of the members of the society was Johann Wolfgang von Goethe and a lot of other outstanding people of different ages.


illuminati Conspiracy

Illuminati adheres strict secrecy, combined with a rigid hierarchical ‘pyramidal’ structure. Also the core of the Society of the Illuminati was the ‘Areopagus’ of the twelve members, who were the closest to the head of the Order. The alliance managed to cross the ocean, get into the British colonies and spread out in the world.


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