Is Wizkid illuminati?

Do you think that one of the most famous Nigerian celebrities is illuminati? There are a lot of signs but can we be sure about it? Read this article and find out!

illuminati membership

A lot of Nigerians tend to suspect the celebrities of having the illuminati membership. There are rumours that Wizkid along with other popular Nigerian singers has something to do with the secret society!

To find out if it’s really true we first need to figure out what you have to do in order to become an illuminati member!

You are born to be illuminati

People who are born in the rich families are usually the ones who are expected to be illuminati. Their parents are influential in the society and their income equals to millions or even billions.

That’s why they are not obliged to work. They also have an opportunity to get any job they want. Life is easy for those people as they don’t have to struggle to get the money in attempts to make a living.

Their family can provide them with anything they need. However, it doesn’t mean that any rich person can become illuminati confirmed.

Only intelligent people who are educated and creative enough can have this right.

According to several sources, it is necessary for you to be seen as solid but generous person. You need to make it look like you care about everyone and not being arrogant.

But you should never forget about the other investments and connections with the other people of your social class. It is an integral feature of the illuminati member.

You should still respect your family as they are the ones that provided you with all the opportunities to become who you are.

According to the statistics, almost the half of the richest people already owned a fortune before they were even born.

You can serve the secret society

If the family you were born into wasn’t rich and you never attended the most prestigious educational institutions, there is still a way out for you. You can join the society if you are good at serving them.

It isn’t that hard – you just have to do what the members assign you to do. But it’s still better for you to get a good education in one of the best universities in the world – it can be any famous university in England or America.

In order for the most influential illuminati members to notice you there should be something special about you. That’s why you have to be really intelligent and it’s always better if your IQ is higher than the average.

There are two ways you can follow as the part of the secret society. For instance, if you are able to join the One Percent club, you are going to have a higher social status.

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If not, there is always another option called Ten Percent club which also offers a big range of opportunities. Most of the illuminati members obviously work for the government.

But you can get that high only if you have made a huge success and you proved yourself smart and reliable.

You should also remember that no one will give you a guarantee that you will remain the part of the illuminati society. The authorities always have the right to kick you out.

Achieve it yourself

If none of the options described above will work for you, it doesn’t mean that there is no chance for you to become an illuminati member. But it definitely means that you have to work a lot harder than the others.

You really have to become rich and well-educated yourself, without any help.


Wizkid is so popular in Nigeria that almost every resident has heard his name or his song at least once. And a lot of his fans couldn’t help but notice that he has been showing illuminati signs quite a lot recently.

illuminati membership

He is a popular songwriter and singer. He has been very talented since his childhood as he began his singing career back when he was a young kid.

Right now the entire country and even a lot of other African countries love him for his talent. Wizkid is the owner of quite a big amount of music awards.

But the other thing he is famous for is the scandals that he sometimes gets in.

Brief biography

The 26-year-old Nigerian singer was born in the Lagos region. Wizkid doesn’t really complain about having a bad childhood. Even though his dad used to have several wives, he was okay with that.

His family also wasn’t poor which allowed him to begin singing and releasing songs. The first one that he wrote was called Lil Prinz. He was only 11 back then. How did he become so famous?

According to the Nigerian singer himself, it all started when he along with his friends decided to form a band. They wrote and performed some songs together but nothing worked out.

Few years later Wizkid finally met a producer who gave him good advice and actually made him famous.

illuminati membership

Scandal involving Wizkid

Few years ago the media announced that the songwriter became a dad. He was just twenty one back then. It was a scandal because it seemed like Wizkid never dated this woman. He just used her for sex.

Moreover, he denied having sex at all. But the problem was that this girl was still a student whish made the situation look very bad. The mother of the poor girl claimed that all that the musician said was a lie.

The singer himself seemed to be ashamed of the situation but he insisted on making a DNA test before the public starts to judge him. However, it turned out that he was still a father to that baby.

So is the Nigerian singer illuminati? Well, he is quite rich – Wizkid’s net worth is $11.5 million. He seems to be quite educated too. However, there is no certainty about this question yet.

We have to wait for him to show more signs.


I don’t know if I am being sarcastic or what but I read a post connecting PRISMA APP with ILLUMINAT I don’t know what to say, see for your self


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