Is Wizkid signing a deal with Sony Music/RCA Records?

Do you want to know more about Wizkid’s recent success? This article will tell you about the contract he is about to sign and will also explain why it is important for all Nigerians.

Wizkid signing a contract with Sony Music Entertainment

A lot of Nigerian fans are really excited to hear the latest Wizkid news. It seems like Nigerian singer is finally signing a contract with Sony Music Entertainment.

It is a great event in his life as not many African performers were able to reach such success. It is a truly global deal which will make him famous all around the world.

Even though now he can already be called one of the most influential singers in Nigeria and entire Africa, this contract will be one more step further.

According to the sources, the critics consider Wizkid one of the most promising young celebrities. Everyone in Africa is really supporting him because this deal will surely break the record.

He would actually be the first to get that much fame. The decision was apparently made back when the singer was in the Unites States. Why is it even important to us?

Well, it means that Nigerian music is spreading around the world and it especially benefits our culture and our representation in the world.

Even now Wizkid works with a lot of famous Americans such as Chris Brown, Drake and a lot of others.

What is more, according to some rumours, Universal Music is also looking forward to having Wizkid on their side! And to most Nigerians he is someone who would be just perfect for them.

And the Nigerian performer is working hard on his new project right now. People who love afrobeat and afropop are really excited about new Wizkid album that he is about to release.

Wizkid signing a contract with Sony Music Entertainment

His managers state that it’s going to be something really interesting as he is working really hard right now. Moreover, they also give a hint that a lot of other famous people will also participate in the recording.

After Wizkid signs the contract it will mean so much to Nigeria and Africa as a whole! He will definitely become one of the other famous Africans who made their way to success through their talents.

It’s surely not that easy and not many people are able to do it but it seems like Wizkid is strong enough to overcome any difficulties.

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One of his recent achievements is his work with Drake on the song One Dance. It has been the first on the Billboard Hot 100 and it still can be heard everywhere on the radio.

Therefore, we can make a conclusion that he is evolving and succedding quite fast.

However, according to the sources, the manager of Nigerian performer doesn’t want to confirm all the rumours about the deal yet and it seems really confusing to a lot of Wizkid’s fans.

Speaking of other news about him, Wizkid girlfriend and the singer himself are no longer hiding their relationship from the public.

Wizkid signing a contract with Sony Music Entertainment

Even though he hasn’t made any public announcements yet, it’s about to happen. And if you want the proof now you can just check out his and her pictures on the social media!

The fans of Wizkid songs must be really happy for him as now it seems like everything is going great with every area of his life!

Now he is dating Justin Skye who is also a singer who comes from the United States. All his female fans are really jealous but also happy for him.

The couple looks really cute and all their pictures scream “we love each other so much!” Therefore, all his Nigerian fans are hoping that it will be a really serious relationship.

You can tell how attracted they are to each other by their actions too. For instance, the couple decided to record a song together.

It will be released very soon so we won’t have to wait that long to hear the two of them singing a lovesong! At the meantime you really need to check Wizkid’s instagram.

There you will see very cute photos of Justin and Wizkid. On every photo they are very close to each other. Moreover, they are always smiling and it seems like they just don’t want to let each other go.

By looking at the expressions on their faces you realize that this relationship is just meant to last forever.

Currently Wizkid refuses to comment on his relationships with the American singer but everyone is sure that it will happen quite soon.

Therefore, the only thing we can do is to be happy for the afropop singer who is about to represent Nigeria in the global music network.


Well! Happy for wizkid, i read it on http://bit.ly/2dVecaU not i have more fact. We love the starboy

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