Nigerian celebrities in native attire: Who rocks them better?

For many centuries people wear in Africa what is comfortable and what is easiest to sew. But often they didn’t have tools for sewing. That's why the main pillars of the national African costume are either plain colored pieces of cloth, or skins of the colored animals. It all usually goes very well with a lot of fashion accessories, which are made of beads, bones and all sorts of feathers.

For example, the typical representatives of the people of wasukuma (which means "Northern people"), which located in the savannas of the southern coast of lake Victoria, they respect a variety of blankets made of animal skin. It is unlikely that these African natives have ever heard of the concept of "unisex", but to distinguish a male "sheepskin" from women, they still refuse. The "Moon people" (wanyamwezi), who were found on the plains in the regions of Tabora, Shinyanga and Mwanza, near lake Victoria, and people of jagga, that is possible to see them on the southern and Eastern slopes of Kilimanjaro, also prefer to cover their body only with furs and leather capes. Moreover, on the feet they wear the tails of animals, considering them an integral part of its national closet.

  • The main part of the population of Tanzania prefers to sew cotton "cloth". There are several types of these "cloth". The most common is called kanga. It is a favorite attribute of clothes Swahili people, who live in Tanzania, especially in the female part. So Swahili prefer the textile of orange, brown and green colors. And the lyrics on these pieces of textile are usually a variety of worldly wisdom and even political slogans. In General, it is a "credo" of the owner of the cloth. For example, on some of the costumes of Swahili people you can easily find the expression: "Liya na tabia yako usilaumu wenzako" which means: "do not blame others for problems you created by yourself". Or is such a masterpiece: "Naogopa simba na meno yake, siogopi mtu kwa maneno yake – I'm afraid of the lion for its jaws, but I do not fear man for his words." Thus the inscriptions on the dress usually are combined with special ornament, a color of which may vary according to common sense, which wants to carry the owner of such a suit.

The Masai people often prefer red clothing, and the ornaments of their suits are much easier than Swahili’s ones. The clothing, which usually wear Masai people, are decorated with stripes or a cage, where red usually goes well with blue.

  • But this is not the most important thing of clothes from the Masai. Women usually wear on the neck the world famous massive decorations, which during the time lengthen the neck, and the Maasai consider it the first sign of female beauty. It is also believed that women's hands were created to be decorated with countless of bracelets. Even men-Maasai are quite partial to necklaces and bracelets, but they still exhibit some gender modesty in this matter.

There was a description of native African attire.

Let’s see the African celebrities wearing African suits. They are very gorgeous, beautiful and the men are handsome.

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The first beautiful lady is Toke Makinwa

 Banky W

Kate Henshaw



Ibanabo Fiberesima

Uti Nwanchukwu 

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