Nigerian celebrities who had plastic surgery: Who are they?

Do you want to get to know about who are those Nigerian celebrities who fell victims of Hollywood trends and betook themselves to plastic surgery? Read the article and find out.

Plastic surgery?

Hollywood fashion is spreading all over the world. And Nollywood did not become an exception. Nowadays a lot of famous people fell victims to plastic surgery, trying to improve their bodies. Not every celebrity wants to confess about their body modifications and prefer to convince their fans that everything has happened by itself. We would like to suggest you the list of Nigerian stars, suspected of falling back on plastic surgery.

Regina Adeola was inspired by magnificent lips of Angelina Jolie and spent more than 80000 dollars on their enlargement.

Rukky Sanda is also among those women who are not afraid to tell about their surgery. She showed her photos soon after botox injections and informed her fans about her nose job.

Otherwise, Ebube Nwango refuses any gossips of her breast enlargement. But it seems to be a lie.

Looks impressive

Karen Igho also showed bigger breast in her new project. Probably she got this operation for a medical reason after her cancer recovery.

Extremely famous Nigerian singer, Tiwa Savage, also rejects any surgical intervention to her nose, which suddenly became slimmer than it was before. She says that it is also thank to make up.

Another Nigerian actress Uche Jombo also denies any surgery on her nose, which became smaller. But she does not deny the surgery on her teeth, she changed their shape and whitened them.

The difference?

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Dabota Lawson also used plastic surgery to become more beautiful. She made a nose job and also a liposuction.

Who is the most beautiful?

Talented African singer, Cynthia Morgan, is supposed to enlarge her breast too. People think she did it while being in the USA.

First African owner of Miss World title, Agbani Darego, is also rumoured to fell victim of plastic surgery. It is believed that she did it to improve the shape of her face.

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