What are top 10 African celebrities who allegedly joined illuminati?

What celebrities allegedly joined Illuminati? What are the top 10 African celebrities joined Illuminati? Read the article to find out!

Illuminati is everywhere, and they control a significant part of our daily life. There many African celebrities who allegedly joined Illuminati for fame, glory, and money.  According to rumors, African celebrities use Illuminati signs in their movies and musical clips. Nevertheless, some people still believe that it`s not true that Illuminati rule the world and in people joined Illuminati by choice. Still, there is quite an evidence that Illuminati took control over major institutions of the whole world. The secret society is not that secret. In this article, it will be presented Top 10 African artists and singers who supposedly joined Illuminati in Africa. 

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One of the first Illuminati members in this Top 10. Judith Nyambura Mwangi supposedly joined Illuminati at the beginning of her singing career. She was born on the April 30th in 1986. She is a singer, songwriter, entertainer and actress originated from Kenya. According to rumors, Illuminati uses her to spread their word in Kenya. She is famous for her shocking lesbian photos. Therefore, one of the great supplement for her carrier would be the propaganda of lesbianism in Kenya. Nevertheless, she denies any facts of joining Illuminati.  Still some her fans may recognize symbols of Illuminati in her clips.

Genevive Nnaji

She is one of the top African celebrities in the whole continent. There are rumors that this beauty queen is also part of the illuminati secret organization. Genecivive might have joined Illuminati at the beginning of her carrier. She is now the richest and most influential actress in whole Africa. She is a star of Nigerian Telecom giant Etisalat. There are rumors, which you need to be powerful to join such order, like Illuminati. Therefore, Genevive Nnaji is in top 10 African celebrities who joined Illuminati. Still, she denies all accusation of her allegiance to such the order.   

Ice Prince

The true name of this adept of the illuminati clan is Panshak Zamani. Nevertheless, he also is known by his stage name Ice Prince. This person gained his popularity at the very young age. Therefore, many believe that it was not without the help of powerful Illuminati order. He is rumored as one of the most influential Illuminati members in the whole Africa. Therefore, it`s the very reason why he happened to be a part of today`s top 10. He is known for his style of music, gestures on the scene, international collaboration, host of TV shows.


It`s one of the finest singers in Ghana. He is also a top influential figure in Africa music. Especially is Ghana music industry. He supposedly joined Illuminati in the very young age. Now he is a king of industry in Ghana. The rumors are next to that he joined Illuminati based on his wealth, popularity, and fame. The very rumors started in Ghana and then in whole Africa after his hit song “Bellum Angelorum.” Therefore, this very song is the reason why he is under suspicion of the public opinion about his membership in the illuminati order. Nevertheless, people love him for activity in music videos, songwriting, and filmmaking.


People tend to create rumors about a lot of things connected with Illuminati order. One of these things touched to the famous group in Africa and one of the top music powerhouses Psquare. It`s not a surprise as they have everything that one man desires, like wealth, costly cars, fashionable trips, popularity, fame and other stuff. Nevertheless, they can be a part of secret society. There are rumors that one of the singers sacrificed his own mother to become famous. Still, Psquare does not desire to show everything they have to the public.

Wizkid and Illuminati

The rumors are the same that combined in previous artists. Wizkid started his music career not so long time ago. Nevertheless, despite his young age, he still managed to become one of the top musicians in Africa. Moreover, he established a whole new music industry from scratch. The rumors about him being a member of Illuminati started with Wizkid trip to Hollywood. From the very trip to the USA world of wealth and fame, he started to show special symbols connected to the Illuminati membership. Still, Wizkid is a famous songwriter and singer on the very top of his career.

 M. anifest

The rumors are connected with his music career and especially his name. According to his definition of the name M.anifest, “m” stands for music. Nevertheless, some fun find that the “m” stand not for music, but for double “m” in the word Illuminati. He is a popular Ghanian rap singer, songwriter, and businessman in the music industry. Still, there are rumors that he gained all his wealth for the reason of joining to Illuminati secret society.  His music, his words, even style of cloth – everything is under suspicion of him being one of the alleged servants of Illuminati.

Yvonne Nelson

She is the Ghanian famous goddess. She is on the top of her career. Therefore there are rumors of her allegedly joined Illuminati order. Everything started for her in actress carrier. Now she can produce her own movies and be the star of every movie in Ghana. Nevertheless, people tend to believe in everything connected with popular and famous people. Sometimes their fame, glory, richness is not the product of talent but help from the outside. Therefore, Ghanaian screen goddess is under suspicion of being a member of powerful Illuminati. Still, people love her movies.


He may wear a crown of all African Illuminati. He is named as the African Illuminati godfather. Nevertheless, he still denies his membership in the illuminati order. There is no evidence of him pledging his loyalty to illuminate order, but which kind of Illuminati adept would allow mere mortals to take a picture of him with Illuminati members. He is in our top 10 of African Illuminati members for a reason. In his movies and clips he showed the great sign of Illuminati too many times, so even his own fans do not believe in his words about Illuminati membership.


It`s number one in our Top 10 of African celebrities who allegedly joined Illuminati. He is one of the most successful musicians in Africa. He is proud of the awards gained in the music industry. People started linking him to the order of Illuminati after “Saa Okidie No Nie,” a popular music video that was heard in every corner of Africa continent. The critical look at the video may show a regular person signs of Illuminati He made several attempts to tell his fans that he is not a member of Illuminati, and he did not join any kind of secret order at all. Still, fans do not believe that his fame and richness is a product of just his talent. So, they accuse him in joining Illuminati order. 

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