What are top 10 coolest footballers' cars?

What are the TOP 10 cars of football players? Who rides the most valuable vehicle in the world? Read this article and you will know!

top 10 football cars
Nowadays some of the football players are included in the list of the world’s richest people.
It is no secret that they can afford luxury life, purchasing huge estates and riding fast fancy cars.
Here is the list of TOP 10 footballer’s cars!

Luis Nani

top 10 football cars

This former Manchester United player rides Lamborghini Gallardo.
Lambo’s price is 200 000 $, not the most valuable in class, but it still looks gorgeous!

Gareth Bale

top 10 football cars

This Welsh-origin footballer plays in Real Madrid and has a good taste in vehicles.
Bale’s car is Audi R8 GT, it’s worth is 245 000 $.

Wayne Rooney

top 10 football cars

The Britain’s favorite football player rides a British car!
Aston Martin Vanquish costs 215 000 $.

Frank Lampard

top 10 football cars

Manchester City’s ex-player prefers Italian stallions.
Ferrari Scaglietti 612 with a price of almost 300 000 $.

Mesut Özil

top 10 football cars

This player with origins from Germany rides Ferrari 458.
His car’s price is 250 000 $.

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Didier Drogba

top 10 football cars

One of the best players in Chelsea’s history owns a Mercedes SL65-AMG.
The car’s price is 215 000 $.

David Beckham

top 10 football cars

A living legend, the world’s best-known player likes elegancy.
His Rolls Royce Phantom costs 500 000 $.

Obafemi Martins

top 10 football cars

This Nigerian football player has chosen N50M Lamborghini.
The price of his car is 350 000 $.

Zlatan Ibrahimović

top 10 football cars

One of the tallest football players of all time and his Porsche Spyder.
This sweet car costs 875 000 $.

Cristiano Ronaldo

top 10 football cars

The world’s best and the most hard-working player with his Bugatti Veyron!
The cost of his car is 1 700 000 $!

As a conclusion, we would like to admit that sport has become a perfect way for earning big money.
In addition, all of these players with their cars only motivate us to get better at what we do.


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