What are top 10 hottest baby mums of Nigerian celebrities?

We always tend to learn more about calebrities. Thier private life is interesting. Especially if it goes about marriage and baby born.

baby mums

The meaning of ‘baby mama’ is given as the mother of a man’s child. The man is just a partner but not an official husband of his child’s mother. A baby mama (baby-mother) is not married as well, so she may call in a different way.

The ‘Baby-mama’ style of life is rather an acceptable way of relationship in Nigeria. The idea is that modern women prefer to be not dependant on a man, family, duties, routine life. This viewpoint has become quite common among celebrities, well-known, famous people.

 An interesting fact is that among baby mamas we can find a few who used to be girlfriends to these stars; while others were dark horses and one day decided to try for the title of Celebrity’s baby mom. Today we try to observe top 10 hottest baby moms o f Nigerian celebrities.

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  1. Anna Banner. Anna Banner became the most beautiful girl in Nigeria In 2013 she won the Beauty Contest. His career as an actress is also well known. She was appointed Special Assistant on Culture and Tourism Family drama Super Story is famous by Anna Banner’s starring.  In 2015 Anna Banner gave birth to a baby.  Baby’s father is Flavour, a Nigerian musician. A baby was given a name Sophia Okoli. Anna did not want to display her pregnancy to the society but just after she gave birth to a beautiful baby for the singer she came out to the public.
    Anna Banner
  2. Sandra Okagbue.  Sandra Okagbue appeared to be Flavour’s previous, namely, the first baby mama. The beautiful lady- beauty queen- presented the singer with an angel, his first daughter. They said that a couple got married, but no confirmation was found.
  3. Uju Stella. Uju Stella is the newly made baby mama. It is a pity, but we cannot be certain, speaking about her. The fact of her being baby mama is expected to be confirmed by her baby’s father, Burna Boy. Uju presented photos in Instagram and made a special stress that Burna Boy is a person to accept her pregnancy and be responsible for it. In his turn,  Burna Boy took a word and accepted only an occasional physical contact with Uju Stella.
  4.  Aisha Suleiman. Aisha Suleiman bore a baby to Olamide. A son called Milano made Aisha a celebrity’s baby mom. Frankly speaking, she was still a girlfriend before she got pregnant.
  5. Ogudu Oluwanishola. Ogudu is Wizkid’s first baby mama. Boluwatife is a couple’s lovely son who already is five years old. 
  6. Sunmbo Adeoye. Sunmbo Adeoye is now married to  David Adeoye. She has two nice, handsome boys Nino and Zii Idibia. The artist is happy to be a father. A famous musician Sunmbo has celebrated a 3rd wedding anniversary with her husband on 22nd July 2016.
    nigerian baby mums
  7.  Babara. Babara gave birth to two children for Timaya.they are still not married but live together. Timaya and his baby mama Barbara welcomed their daughter Emmanuelle in 2012.  Timaya was too frank in one of the interviews and confessed that Barbara was his kind of woman. The thing is they understand marriage as something they both are not looking for.
  8.  Sharon Operacho. Studied in Coventry University UK.  Sharon bore a baby to D’prince. It was a real sensation when D’Prince announced the birth of his baby boy. The singer did not want to share the personality of his baby mama with the public with mass media. Still, there is not so much information about a baby mombaby mums
  9. Sophie Momodu. Sophie Momodu is David's first baby mama. Sophie is a bit older than David, but they welcomed a beautiful daughter. The small angel is called I made. David and Sophie is a very unpredictable couple From time to time they appear in public with a kind of scandals. Recently David admitted that his baby mom called him a deadbeat father.  He added that Sophie seems not willing to marry him. But nothing was told about a child.
  10. Mimi Omoregbe. Terry G Mimmy has a baby son. Young people were dating before she got pregnant. Mimi is English, and Terry G is Nigerian celebrity.They are surrounded by rumors about their relationship all the time. No proof of any scandal is found out. Celebrity's baby mom is doing everything possible to retain her title and interest from the public.

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