What celebrities live on Banana Island?

Who of Nigerian celebrities has the biggest and the most expensive house on Banana Island in Lagos? Who of bloggers and musicians became the owner of this luxury estate on this magnificent island? Read the information below to learn more interesting facts about these houses and their owners.

Banana Island – Nigeria

Banana Island – Nigeria

Financial magazine ‘Forbes’ called the place under the name Banana Island Lagos the most expensive area in Nigeria. For many people, it didn't become surprised as Banana Island is the place for the life of many celebrities long ago. Nigerians who live on the Banana Island, Ikoyi, have incredible wealth and are able to afford to spend millions on the property. As a rule, among them, the best-known bloggers, politicians, and businessmen live. We unveil 9 Nigerians who have magnificent Banana Island houses.

  • Linda Ikeji

Linda Ikeji is well known and the most popular blogger in Nigeria. The rough estimate of her house has shown that its cost makes approximately N800 million. Her house is one of the most known on the Banana Island and doesn't give doubt that Linda is really the most popular in the business. For last several years, her own capital was a subject of heated discussions. In 2012, her blog cost $1.2 million. In 2015, her salary has promptly grown and made, by hearsay, approximately N1.5-N2. Daily her blog is visited by 100.000-250.000 people from the different countries. Forbes called Linda the richest blogger of Nigeria in 2016.

  • Kola Abiola

The son of the killed businessman, the politician, the publisher and the winner of presidential elections of 1993 in Nigeria, Kola Abiola is one of the millionaires of Nigeria. It is rather difficult to estimate his capital due to the position, to which he adhered for these years. Kola Abiola prefers not to expatiate on the capital and private life. However, the fact that he is the inhabitant of Banana Island isn't surprising. The most part of wealth, which he has, was inherited from the father.

  • Iyabo Obasanjo

She is a daughter of the former president of Nigeria. She has been elected to the Nigerian Senate representing the Central Senatorial state of Ogun. The girl is known for the big ambitions in policy. It is no wonder that she has enough money to get the magnificent house on the island.

Banana Island houses

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  • Mike Adenuga

The billionaire Mike is the head of the large telecommunication company Globacom. It is the second large Nigerian company rendering these services. Mike Adenuga has the amount of $4.1 billion. Every year his income becomes more. He has achieved success not only in telecommunications but also in the oil sector. His Globacom Company has more than 27 million subscribers. The billionaire has magnificent preferences. Therefore, his accommodation on the Banana Island isn't a surprise.

  • Sayyu Dantata

Sayyu Dantata is the son of Alhassan Dantata who died in 1955. Being a founder and the CEO of MRS Holdings Ltd, he was an influential person in the country. Sayyu Dantata has started the career as the director of the department of transport in Dangote Group. Then he became the director of Hydro Alternative Energy, Inc. and the director of Nigerian Telecommunications Limited since August 2008. He has the diploma of the mechanical engineer in Morris Brown College Atlanta-Georgia, USA. In addition, he is a cousin of Aliko Dangote, the richest person in Africa. Today he owns property on the Banana Island.

  • Diezani Alison-Madueke

Diezani Alison-Madueke is the famous politician. She also became the first woman-president of OPEC. The famous representative of policy is the owner of the house cost in several million, which often is a subject of many disputes. She was accused of diversion of N1.2 trillion and has been arrested in London in 2015. Also, she has been accused of theft of $20 billion. However, she hasn't received punishment and has been released. She constantly denies this act. But since then people actively condemn whether her magnificent house on the banana island was bought on fair money?

P-square house in Banana Island

  • Bola Ahmed Tinubu

Bola Ahmed Tinubu, also known as Jagaban, is the former governor of Lagos. He operated the state from 1999 to 2007. He is considered the shrewd politician. He has graduated in 1979 with the degree of the bachelor of sciences in the field of accountancy. The capital of the politician is huge. It makes one N10 million. High activity and big earnings have made him the most successful politician in Lagos. He has more than 22 houses, including property on the Banana Island.

  • Aliko Dangote

The Nigerian billionaire, the owner of Dangote Group, is the richest person in Africa. He is a cousin of above-mentioned Sayyu Dantata. Dangote was repeatedly mentioned in the Forbes list. It has begun in 2009. Since then he continues to take this position to this day. Aliko Dangote is known for love to a private property and other luxury goods. He also owns property on the Banana Island that proves his getting into this list once again.

  • Tundun Abiola

The daughter of Chief M.K.O Abiola long time lived in America before moving to Nigeria. She seldom appears on public actions and leads a humble life. She prefers not to distribute information on the wealth and private life. Tundun Abiola has an education of the lawyer and further the first experience in the lawyer's profession. She worked in FRA Williams chamber. Later she became the assistant of Senator Gbemi Saraki. Obviously, she possesses the big income, as it is known that she has the house on the Banana Island.

P-square: house in Banana Island

Some of the musicians also became the owners of real estate in this place. For example, P-Square has a house on Banana Island for N200 million.


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