What Nigerian Nollywood actresses after 40 look much younger?

Who are those actresses who look young even in their 40s? Find out some interesting facts about them! Learn how to look younger than you are right now!

Nigerian actresses who look a lot younger

All of us want to look younger when we reach our 30s and 40s. And there are a lot of Nigerian actresses who look a lot younger than they are even though they are in their 40s.

One of these stars who look younger after 40 is Rita Dominic. Her full name is Rita Uchenna Nkem Dominic Waturuocha. She grew up in the family of a nurse and a doctor.

Even when Rita was young she already knew what she wanted to do in the future. She starred in a lot of school performances and was a member of the school theatre. Later she even participated in the TV shows.

Rita was really ready to do it for life. She became one of the most successful Nollywood actresses because she has received the African Academy Award few years ago.

Her first real role was in the movie “A time to kill”. Later she continued her career and became very famous in Nollywood.

Nigerian actresses who look a lot younger

Nse Ikpe-Etim

Another famous Nigerian actress who looks very nice for her age is Nse Ikpe-Etim. Her career as a professional actress started only in 2008 when she starred in Reloaded.

This movie was really successful in Africa and Nse got the Academy Award for her role. Since then she became very famous and got invited to play in a lot of other films. In 2014 she got another African award.

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The actress was born in 1974 and she still looks incredible for her age. She went to the University of Calabar where she studied arts. Nse has five siblings and she is the oldest.

She also has a husband named Clifford Sule. They got married in Lagos but later moved to London. It seems like they are really happy in their marriage.

Nigerian actresses who look a lot younger

Right now Etim has a lot of projects to work on and her husband is a great support to her – he really loves her and wants her to be happy with her job. Clifford himself works at Middlesex University as a lecturer.

She decided to become an actress during her teenage years. It was in the university where she first started acting. Few years later she also took part in some TV shows.

After she graduated she didn’t know if she actually wanted to pursue the career of the professional actress but later she decided to go for it.

And as we see now, it was the right decision as she is still very popular in Nigeria.

Iretiola Doyle

Iretiola Doyle is a really famous and talented Nigerian Nollywood actress. She was born in 1967 and she looks gorgeous even in 2016! Moreover, she is not only the actress but also the writer and producer.

She leads a very active lifestyle and participates in a lot of projects.

She has moved to different places many times. Iretiola spent some time abroad, in the United States where she gained a lot of new experience that helped her with her career in Nigeria.

She went to the University of Jos and got a degree in Theatre Arts. She has been an actress for more than sixteen years! And she isn’t planning to quit just yet.

She also loves fashion and she contributed a lot to making a better image of Nigerian fashion. Some of the TV shows where she took part in were called “Morning ride” and “Today on STV”.

Iretiola is also a writer who has written at least a couple screen plays. She is a really good at business and also has a lot of fans.

Nigerian actresses who look a lot younger

As for her personal life, she has a husband and kids. Once she starred in the film “All about Ere” which became really successful. She was nominated for the African Award for this role.

After that she became even more successful in her career and later was nominated again for the roles in the movies “Sitanda” and “Across the Niger”. She looks great for her age.

Her hobbies are music, books and travelling! She stays active and maybe that’s the key to her good health and great appearance. She loves different types of music but her favourite ones are Jazz and R n B.

She wants to continue with her career and she hopes for getting the role of her dreams. It seems like Iretiola is a very ambitious woman because she is even planning to get an Oscar!

However, most of her friends and family say that she is really able to fulfil all her dreams.

How to look great when you are 40

First of all, take care of your teeth. They can say a lot about your age. If you notice that they have become yellowish, make an appointment with the doctor and whiten them.

If you are drinking too much coffee or smoke, it might be the reason for dark teeth. But there are ways to fix it so don’t worry about it.

Even though these procedures are quite expensive at the hospitals, it’s worth it. If you can’t afford it, there is another option – you can buy a special cream at the pharmacy.

You will look a lot younger with white teeth. As you age, you start gaining weight easily. It happens because your metabolism slows down and you need to take care of it not to get fat.

A lot of women who retire and spend most of their time home gain a lot of extra pounds. If that’s not what you want start exercising or at least eat less fast food.

Another thing you can do to look younger is to wear different clothes. It doesn’t mean that you have to wear a mini skirt but don’t dress like your mom!

40 doesn’t mean you are already old and can stop taking care of yourself. You can ask your friends to give you a piece of advice in case you are not sure about your style.

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