When did Wizkid start singing?

When did Wizkid start his music career? What or who inspired him to become a musician? You can learn more about his story here.

did Wizkid start singing

Wizkid or WizKid as others write his stage name is a well-known and wildly popular artist famous not only in Nigeria but also in other countries all over the world. He has been given the honor to receive several outstanding awards for his brilliant performances and other contributions he made in the music culture of Nigeria as well as the whole world.

Thus, he has a BET Award, a MOBO Award, five The Headies Awards, two Channel O Music Video Awards, six Nigeria Entertainment Awards, two Ghana Music Awards, two Dynamix All Youth Awards, two City People Entertainment Awards, and a Future Award. He has received three nominations at the MTV Europe Music Awards. He has also been nominated four times at the World Music Awards.

So, let’s see what made him so wildly popular as well as what and who encouraged him to start writing songs.

When did Wizkid start singing

Early years

Let’s start with Wizkid’s biography in order for us to understand this artist better.

Wizkid’s real name is Ayodeji Ibrahim Balogun. He was born on July 16, 1990, in Lagos. He had a complicated situation in his family, as his father had three wives. From the very early childhood, the boy loved singing. He would perform for his famil; however, according to what he mentioned in one of the interviews he gave not so long ago, his parents never took his desire to be a singer seriously.

They stated that all children wanted to become famous and well-loved when they grow up; so, they ignored his talent and just waited for this passion to pass.

So, answering the question of when Wizkid started singing, we have to say that he started taking singing lessons and formed his own band when he was only eleven years old.


From his own words, he realised that he had to prove his family that he was going to make it as a songwriter and an artist. Thus, when he was eleven years he released his first album which contained seven tracks.

As he talked to different journalists later when he became a well-known star, he said he formed a band called the Glorious Five with a couple of his church friends. The group dropped an album before dismembering.

However, this can be marked as Wizkid’s first steps on the way to starting the music career. Not too long after this happened, Wizkid was introduced to OJB Jezreel, a record producer. However, for reasons he never explained this man prevented him from recording for at leat a couple of months.

Wizkid biography

Career path

In the meantime, even though he did not record his own albums, he became a frequent guest at Jezreel's studio where he was able to see how 2 Face Idibia worked hard on his Grass 2 Grace, as well as Sound Sultan, started work on Jagbajantis.

After he had met these stunning stars, he made a decision to start working even harder on recording his own album. This only happened a year later. His first song featured OJB Jezreel. People at his native Surulere absolutely loved his song, so encouraged he decided to make it as a prominent singer.

Wizkid mentioned that Naeto C was one of the individuals who mentored and coached him while he was only15 years old. It was at this time that he wanted to persuade his father that he takes music very seriously. Thus, he spent long hours working on his songs. Wizkid has a great relationship with Banky W.

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In another interview with Factory 78 TV Wizkid claimed that he and Banky W became friends before starting a professional relationship. He was one of the authors of Banky W's "Omoge You Too Much", a song off The W Experience album.

Five years after the beginning of his music career, he collaborated with Naeto C and Ikechukwu. In 2009, our music guru became widely known among the Nigerians; however, his days of fame outside the state were only ahead of him. During this time he was featured on M.I's "Fast Money, Fast Cars" and Kel's "Turn by Turn".

The following year, our celebrity started working on his next album which was later called Superstar. It was released in 2011. Before this, he made his song "Holla at Your Boy" known, and it soon became the album's lead single.

when did Wizkid start his music career

This track was very well-loved, so the celebrity got a prestigious award for it. It was called Next Rated award at The Headies 2011, and was nominated for Best Pop Single at The Headies 2011.

Years passed, but we are still in love with this artist. He keeps surprising us with his new creations as well as news from his personal life. Just so you know when he was only twenty-one years old despite all his business with the growing career, he became a father. He later tried to cover this fact until as his child turned two he posted a picture on Instagram with his offspring.

All in all, his example teaches us never give up no matter what your family or friends tell you about your dreams. His family did not take his passions seriously while his friends walked out of their band as soon as the first difficulties came along. However, thanks to his inborn stubbornness he did not give up, and that’s why we know him today. People from all over the world enjoy the music created by a Nigerian man named as Wizkid. We’re so proud!

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