Which celebrities are not part of the illuminati?

Is there a list of celebrities who are not part of the Illuminati? Do they fight against this alliance? Or they’ve already lost the battle? The answers are gathered in this article.

celebrities are not part of the illuminati

Nowadays it is very difficult to say, which celebrities are not part of the illuminati. As they all show different sings, use symbols and say provocative slogans.

However previously there was created a special list. It is the list of celebrities who are not part of the illuminati for sure. Or better say who were. As according to the different detectives and insiders some superstars were murdered by wide-spread organization called illuminati.

If you which celebrities are not part of the illuminati? Now you will not know for sure. But here you are the list of stars, who considered being victims of illuminati:

Amy Winehouse

Amy Winehouse

Recently, a new member entered the club ‘forever 27’. The famous singer Amy Winehouse died at her home in 2011. Her blood alcohol content was 0.416% at the time of death. In conjunction with her poor health because of years of drug addiction and bulimia, dangerously high amounts of alcohol (which she used that day) caused her death.

Of course, the death of a famous person normally accompanies a string of conspiracy theories, and no list of conspiracy theories would be complete without a mention of the Illuminati. Taking into account the ‘evidence’ arising from the rituals of the Illuminati and numerology, theorists believe that her death was a ritual sacrifice.

singer Amy Winehouse

Then the police investigation was at a standstill, because the version of the overdose was basic, the singer's death was classified as unexplained. Detectives speculated that Winehouse could be killed by a sharp rejection of the use of alcohol, because shortly before the tragedy, she was treated at a specialized clinic, but this version of the investigation was also eliminated.

Then the police began to sin on the vodka, because three empty bottles of hard liquor were found in the apartment of the deceased singer. In late 2012 investigation of the death of Amy Winehouse decided to resume, because, according to the authorities, the assistant coroner, who conducted the inquiry, did not have the appropriate qualifications. However, a retrial was merely a formality, and the British still do not know anything about Amy’s death.

club 27

A lot of people see the connection of her death and the work of Illuminati. As the group of ‘27’ was always called ‘victims of illuminati’. However, even now no details are revealed.

Robin Williams

Robin Williams

The world mourns the deceased at the age of 63 years talented actor, Robin Williams. The fans of the popular Hollywood actor outraged that the inner circle of stars and colleagues knew about his severe depression and did not take the appropriate measures, ignoring the warning signals. According to police, the preliminary cause of Williams’ death - suicide, since asphyxiated traces were found on his body, but not all fans of the actor willing to believe that he ended his life without help.

an actor Robin Williams

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The fans see the traces of work of Illuminati as Robin was always known as the honest person with his own opinion. Could he know something he should not?  Did illuminati want to get rid of talkative actor? There are more questions than answers.

Whitney Houston

Whitney Houston

The death of Whitney Houston also raised a lot of questions from ordinary people, who in fact arrived at the place of discovery of the body. It happened, because the Police Sergeant Terry Nutall was seen doing obscene actions and spoiled the evidence. The former head of a special unit of US law enforcement agencies filed suit against Nuttall, who on the day of the famous singer's death was in the hotel room, where Houston was found. The commandos did not touch the sheet, which covered the body in order ‘not to destroy evidence on a possible crime scene’ and the police sergeant showed an unhealthy interest in the late superstar. He dropped to his knees and bent over the dead, threw the sheet away, and then began to examine her, almost touching.

As is the case with Amy, many assumed that Huston was killed by drugs, but examination surprised everyone. Los Angeles Coroner's Office, which conducted the investigation of the death of Whitney, issued a statement saying that the singer had died by drowning. However, atherosclerotic heart disease and cocaine use helped too. Examination revealed that the 48-year-old singer had a chronic cocaine addiction. Also in the singer's blood the detectives found marijuana, sedative, muscle relaxant and anti-allergy drug.

singer Whitney Houston

These results clearly did not please relatives of the legendary singer. After all, shortly before the death of Whitney Houston she told about her victory over addiction. Her fans also disagree believing that it was an accident. A lot of people were sure that illuminati got rid of Huston as they need to free place for a new pop queen. As, for example, Beyoncé.

The Hollywood private detective Paul Hubel also was unhappy with the work of coroners and conducted his own investigation. He said that the singer was killed by the drug mafia because of her debt of $ 1.5 million. Paul said that he has the video, which depicted the murderers of the legendary performer, who broke into her room at the hotel.

whitney singing

Hubel also noted: the injuries on the singer's body showed that the singer tried to resist the attackers. However, this detective’s video had still not been revealed to anyone. And there is a version that he is demented. Beverly Hills police claims that Whitney's death was not of a violent nature. ‘Based on the results of the investigation and a coroner's report, we have come to the conclusion that death was not the result of a crime. The case is closed’. – Told the police department.

David Carradine

David Carradine

A lot of experts remembered Williams in connection with asphyxia of another Hollywood celebrity - the star of the movie ‘Kill Bill’, David Carradine. Actor was found dead in a Bangkok hotel. Thai police said the 72-year-old actor had hanged himself in the bathroom of his room. During the investigation it was found that the actor hanged himself on the cord of the curtains.

 Law enforcement agencies have not found signs of violence or struggle. But then there were versions of accidental suffocation or cardiac arrest. Some detectives insisted on the hypothesis that David Carradine died, because of a dangerous sex game. But the dead star's family questioned the effectiveness of the Thai police, so asked the FBI, as well as independent pathologists to start the investigation. One of them, Michael Baden, found that ‘the results of the autopsy more than clearly demonstrate that Mr. Carradine's death occurred not as a result of suicide’. But the real reason for David's death was not mentioned, referring to the scant data from the Thai police.

an actor David Carradine

As that death was extremely mystery, the fans though that an actor was a serious danger to illuminati alliance, so they had to get rid of him. An actor was already 72 years old, he must have been a very dangerous and respected person as illuminati were afraid of him and decided to get rid.

Heath Ledger

Heath Ledger

The Oscar-winning actor, Heath Ledger’s death was no less random and mysterious. As coroners found, he died from an accidental overdose of medicine, not drugs, as many believed. Few people know that the actor was suffering from insomnia, in addition, he had been prescribed sleeping pills, antidepressants and tranquilizers. Deadly cocktail of six pills had led to the fact that the artist's life was over.

But some people believed that he was too ‘open-minded’ and knew too much. So illuminati got rid of him. They poisoned him and presented it as an accident.

Michael Jackson

Michael Jackson

This was one of the most controversial deaths of all the times. And the reasons of the death of Michael Jackson are continued to be examined so far. For example, last summer at Harvard University doctors said that the King of Pop music may have died due to prolonged insomnia caused by drugs, which cause violation of the sleep cycle: the singer had not slept for about 60 days and showed signs of paranoia. The representative of Harvard University, a professor of sleep medicine Charles Cheyzler came to this conclusion after he examined the testimony of the producers, choreographers, hairdressers and other professionals working with the singer.

show of Jackson

Earlier Dr. Conrad Murray, who appointed the singer medicine, a potent agent called propofol, was found guilty and sentenced to four years in prison for manslaughter. According to the court, the doctor had prescribed an overdose of propofol to Jackson. And it was the cause of death of the singer. But in the words of Harvard professor, this drug gives the patient a feeling of cheerfulness, however, breaks the normal sleep cycle. Chayzler thought that on the 25th of June, 2009 Jackson did not die from an overdose. The expert is confident that the singer could become victim of the severe insomnia, as it was indicated by a lot of the symptoms observed in his behavior.

Some people said that he was afraid of something, as like someone wanted to kill him. Jackson had a huge influence on the music world, so illuminati could wish to get rid of him in order to put their person on the throne. Also Michael talked about illuminati alliance a lot and said he did not like their ideas and actions.

singer Michael Jackson

He was considered as a prospective member of the Order of the Illuminati. The King of Pop could be banished from this organization after he began to act against them, not wanting to let them control the whole music industry. In addition, in one of his statements Jackson said that the alliance had tried to blacken his name, talking about pedophile. These words could cost him his life. As in June 2009, Michael was found dead in his own home.

Jimi Hendrix

Jimi Hendrix

He was called the greatest guitarist of all who had ever played the electric guitar. Jimi Hendrix had a profound impact on the music industry until his death at the age of 27-years. Events that were the cause of his death were unknown. Hendrix's girlfriend claimed that she returned home and found him barely breathing - the musician died on the way to the hospital.

On the other hand, paramedics, due to the scene, claimed that he had already been dead when they arrived. Despite these differences, it was found that Hendrix died, because of mixing sleeping pills with alcohol and choked with his own vomit.

guitarist Jimi Hendrix

However, there was one mismatch in the circumstances of his death that led the investigators to a standstill: the blood content of (alcohol at the time of death) was relatively low, but the lungs were filled with the red wine. The amount of fluid in the lungs was characteristic rather for the person subjected to water torture.

But who would want to die legend of rock and roll? The FBI archives contain Hendrix dossier, which refers to his connection with the Black Panther Party.

Cynthia McKinney, presidential candidate of the Party of Greens, said that his death was a part of a government plot to eradicate the black leaders. There were also rumors that illuminati did not want black people to be so influential during that period of time.


singer Aaliyah

This gorgeous 22-year-old R & B singer got in a plane crash just when her singing career in show business industry began to rise very fast. Conspiracy theorists believe that the crash was planned by Illuminati in order not to give the move their beloved Beyoncé from her pop music pedestal (according to some rumors, Beyoncé also belong to this order itself).

Illuminati are often featured in the plots of films, TV shows, video games and comic books, but to date it is not clear whether this is really a secret organization, which has the great influence in the world, exists. One way or another, but quite often Illuminati are connected with the celebrities. As they can rule the world using their music, films, books and projects. The celebrities’ influence is really huge.

Houston's show

Some believe that this alliance has a lot of fans, however, other people think that there must be the enemies too. So we can’t be sure who is in this alliance and who is against it. One thing we can say (almost) for sure. It does exist. Beware, they may be watching you right now. Are you with or against them? 


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