Who among Nigerian celebrities were born in 2000s?

Every child has a dream to be famous and recognizable. Some of them have already achieved their goal, not even becoming adults. Meet the most popular Nigerian superstars born in 2000s!

nigerian children

1. Amarachi Uyanne is the Nigerian upcoming little star. She shocked the whole country with her single titled “Amarachi”, which got airplay in TV stations.

She was born on July 17th 2004 and also presents herself as a dancer. She is truly talented little princess!

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nigerian children

2.  DJ Young Money was born in 2007 and he is 9 years old today. But the age doesn’t mean here! This boy performed on the streets with his tracks and what is surprising, performed at Bola Tinubu’s 64th birthday party!

nigerian children

3. This little girl is the most popular born in 2000s from this list. This is Emmanuella, comedian actress. She was born in 2010 and is older than other millennial. It seems she is professional comedian! She made some videos on YouTube, which today have thousands of views. She also made notion “This is not my real face” very popular!

nigerian children

4. And who is here? Marylove Edwards! She was born on March 18, 2005. Little star, which will overtake Serena Williams soon! She has already won the 2016 ITF/CAT 12 & Under Talent Identification Programme in Morocco.

nigerian children

5. And this is Ozzy Bosco. Since he entered into the show business, he has already performed for some celebrity occasions for famous people like Sentor Ike Ekweremade, Ifeanyi Ubah, ADeyemi Ikuforiji etc. This little star is also known as Wonderkid, after he won the season 7 of the Nigerian Kids Got Talent award.

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