Who is 2face Idibia?

The latest facts of 2face Idibia life. What happened to a Nigerian star? Is he alive now? Find out in the article.

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2face Idibia is extremely popular celebrity in the African music industry. The star’s real name is Innocent Ujah Idibia. A guy was born in Nigeria. Ibidia became very popular not only as an African performer, but also as a good songwriter and even a producer. 2face participated in the famous band ‘Plantashun Boyz’. Then the Innocent Ujah Idibia decided to start his solo career.

2face Idibia biography

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If to check up 2face Idibia biography, there are plenty of different achievements. The ‘biggest’ ones are World Music Award and MTV Europe Music Award. Actually his list of wins and awards is extremely long.

A boy was born in Jos, which is in Nigeria. It happened on 18 of September, 1975. 2face Idibia age is 41. While he was studying in Enugu at the Institute of Management & Technology he began to write songs and sing. Usually 2face Idibia performed at GB Fan Club.

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A guy didn’t graduate the university because of the beginning of his music career.Then, in 1996 Tuface came up. It was his new stage name. It means delineation of job and personal life. Then Tuface moved to Lagos, where he created the cool band ‘Plantashun Boyz’. Rapper BlackFace Naija and also a musician Faze joint him. They made only 3 albums together. They were: ‘Body and Soul’ (which was recorded in 2000), ‘Sold Out’ (recorded in 2003). Then in 2004 the band broke up.

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‘Plan B’ was the last album, which they recorded in 2007. His solo career began in 2004 with the new album release. It was ‘Face 2 Face’. Then there was one more album, which was named ‘Grass 2 Grace’. It came out in 2006. There were such hits, as, for example ‘One Love’, ‘4 Instance’, ‘True Love’. One of his songs became a soundtrack for the movie ‘Phat Girlz’. This song was ‘African Queen’. 2008 year of his career is associated with the release the pro-album with the name ‘The Unstoppable’. There was a super hit ‘Enter the Place’ in the record. Also Tuface managed to create new record label, which is called Hypertek Entertainment. 2face Idibia albums and 2face Idibia music was always very popular. After the appearing of 2face Idibia Instagram, his popularity even grew up. Fans loved to see new 2face Idibia pictures all the time.

The performer took part in the Sony All African One8 Project. Also Tuface is a member of the Liberian music society. He was honored thanks to the huge contribution and achievements in the development of the African music industry.

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Unfortunately, on June 17, 2016 in the morning Tuface Idibia died. He was in in Turks and Caicos. His death happened because of difficult injuries in a Jet-Ski accident. A singer was the only one passenger on the watercraft, when the incident happened. The details, unfortunately, are not available yet.

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