Who is Korede Bello's girlfriend?

Is Korede Bello dating someone? Who is his girlfriend? Read this article and look at her photo!

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Whom did Korede Bello choose? Who is his girlfriend? She is Azaria. Previously the Godwin singer got a kiss from a girl. Korede Bello romance is a major topic for his fans. They are very jealous that he has a new girlfriend, so are rambunctiously reacting in Instagram and Twitter.

Korede Bello relationship

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Korede Bello, who is well-known for his hit single ‘Godwin’, was not notices in the relationships with any lady, since his career improved. However, the fans couldn’t believe he is lonely and if to check up the requests in Google, they always look for ‘korede bello is dating who’, ‘korede bello news’, ‘korede bello romance’ or ‘korede bello relationship’.

So who is she? It is simple girl known as Azaria. She is white in complexion. Azaria appears to be well-acquainted with all the artists of Mavin records, including Don Jazzy. They had the pictures of each other on their Instagram pages. Her recent photo was with Bello. She wrote something like: ‘I finally could kiss you, baby’. Korede Bello shared the same photo in his account.

Usually the celebrities try to hide their relationship. To prevent rumors, different paparazzi photos etc. However, some celebrities, especially Nigerian always make some PR on their romances.

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The most stars practically do not appear with their loved ones at social events, you will not find their wedding photographs in web and in Instagram or Twitter microblogs.  It contents only the backs of their necks, hands, hair, back – but not face. They prefer not to disclose the names to protect their beloved ones.

Korede Bello woke up one of African promising acts after an infamous ‘Korede Bello wink’ in the popular Mavin Records music video for ‘Dorobucci’, which was a top song in many charts.  

The girls love Korede Bello! Love very much! They say: ‘Look at his eyes, his lips! Look how sexy he is!’ Also women also say that he is very classy and stylish. Also he has nice, unusual voice everyone loves. His dancing is extremely cool and lots of people are trying to move like he does. His career is developing rapidly because of his talk and pretty nice appearance. This guy is very promising, because of his huge motivation to move on. People think that he may change ‘the face’ of African music in the world industry.

Maybe this time Korede Bello is trying to improve his popularity due to some rumors about his new relationship. Whether it’s true or not we’ll find out later. However, his fans are already very sad and disappointed thinking that his is occupied.

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Whether this relationship ends with wedding and friendly successful family, everyone will be happy for Korede Bello and Azaria. But as for now it’s still only a rumor, created by the celebrities themselves. 

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