Wizkid and Olamide - who is the richest and the most popular singer?

Who do you love the best Wizkid and Olamide? These two constantly compete with each other, so who is the richest and the best? Find out now!

olomide vs wizkid

There are lots of talented people in Nigeria, who have become famous not only in Africa, but far beyond. In this country, you may find wonderful and prominent artists, actors, musicians, photographers, models, and so on and so forth.

Over the last three or four years, Nigerian music has become a witness of the continuous rising and prospering development of the new generation of hit-makers who have not only ignored and steered clear of the genre rules, they have also become very successful at their streaks. Consequently, they have gathered together a cult-like following within and beyond the borders of Nigeria, which makes their additional vocals, as featured artists, a very important thing in the hit-making potential of a song.

The music industry is very quickly developed in Nigeria as well as the film industry - Nollywood. That is why singers and other musical performers attract the greatest attention of the people of all ages all over the world, this is like to have a role model or just to be crazy about somebody. The majority of us are eager to know about Wizkid and Olamide who is the richest? That’s why we are going to observe these two very gifted musicians and find out more information about their biographies.

Olamide vs Wizkid

In order to understand everything about Wizkid and Olamide – who is the richest, it is essential to consider many different factors, which influence their popularity. It is necessary to compare Olamide and Wizkid, their careers, a number of fans, music, and style.


Wizkid and Olamide

The real name of this prominent performer's Ayodeji Ibrahim Balogun. You might get surprised when you know how old he is. He was born in Lagos State in July 1990, so he is just 26 years old. Being quite young, he has managed to gain much fame among the Nigerians than everybody else. He is a recording artist, songwriter, and the great performer. His career started when he was eleven. In 2001, his first debut album was released.

During the next ten years, he has been working really hard. In 2011, he finally became widely known and got complete recognition of the public. It happened after the release of his song Holla At Your Boy from the debut studio album, called Superstar.

He has been working as a solo artist and collaborating with several other performers as well. Wizkid has done a lot to the Nigerian music industry, which has brought his plenty of achievements. He's taken part in several competitions and got such awards as BET, MOBO, 3 The Headies, 2 Channel O Music Video, 4 Nigeria Entertainment, Ghana Music, 2 Dynamix All Youth, 2 City People Entertainment, and a Future Award. For such a young artist, it seems very impressive.Wizkid and Olamide - who is the most popular singer?

What is more, he has been nominated at MTV Music Awards in Europe (three times) and at World Music Award (four times). In 2013, Forbes listed him the fifth of 10 Richest African Artists. Moreover, in 2014 he has become the first Nigerian, who has attracted more than a million followers on Twitter. Many people also follow him on Facebook, where they can get familiar with the latest videos and news about concerts etc.

Wizkid’s songs are very popular. He prefers the following styles: afrobeat, afropop and reggae. He has released several studio albums by now. He is frequently referred to as Nigerian Justine Bieber. A great number of other performers want to become like him. His net worth totals more than $11 million (including his house and car).

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Wizkid and Olamide

He is a young hip-hop artist, more widely known as Olamide Baddo. He is not much older than Wizkid (27 years old). He grew up in Lagos State and prefers to perform in his native Yoruba language. His first album appeared in 2011. It is called Rapsodi. After this, a few more albums have been released. In 2013, Olamide became the first Nigerian to sign the endorsement deal with Cîroc (brand of vodka, which is made in France). Besides, this artist has done a lot for Nigerian music industry, winning such competitions as Nigeria Entertainment Awards as well as The Headies Awards.

As he says, he has decided to link his life with music, when he was a kid. It happened in 2000 that he decided to explore his opportunities and try his talents. Olamide is often called the craziest African rapper. One of his songs – Eleda Mi, has got the highest YouTube views, which total 1.2 million. Moreover, he also has plenty of singles with collective views of more than 5 million. He has started his career as a street boy, and within a short period of time, he's managed to gain success across the country. The current net worth of this artist is more than $12 million.

Wizkid and Olamide - who is the most popular singer 1?Thus, we may guess that he is even wealthier than Wizkid. Besides, he has more deals (along with the one with Cîroc), including Etisalat, Guinness, and SureBet 24/7. In 2012, he initiated his record label, called YBNL. His every show brings him up to $5 million, while he has about 70 of them every year. Other things, which have an impact on his income, are Itunes, Spinlet, and YouTube. His current song is called Shakiti Bobo. It might become one of the biggest street hits in the history of Nigerian music. He is listed the sixth on the rating of top 10 richest musicians in Nigeria, while Wizkid is just the seventh.

Olamide is also available on Facebook. Fans can get familiar with the recent photos of Olamide and news on the occasions and performers of this hip-hop artist.

Personal life

There are many interesting facts, which you do not probably know about these prominent musicians. So, let’s consider some of them:

  1. Wizkid started to sing at the age of 11 under the name of Lil Prinz.
  2. Olamide wore 28 dresses in his E Ni Duro video.
  3. Wizkid has a son, Boluwatife Balogun, who is two years old.
  4. Olamide has six elder siblings.
  5. Wizkid’s personal cars include Porsche Panamera S, BMW X6, Volkswagen Convertible, and finally, Hyundai Sonata.
  6. Olamide owns pet dogs, has a kid, and is still in a relation with his longtime girlfriend, Aishat Suleiman.
  7. Olamide vs Wizkid 1Wizkid currently holds the record for Pepsi Ambassador in Africa.
  8. Olamide was a part-time student of mass communication at Tai Solarin University.
  9. Wizkid has more national and international collaboration than all the rest Nigerian artists do.
  10. Although Olamide has grown up in Lagos, his hometown's Ijebu in the state of Ogun.

Now you know more about these two best performers in Nigeria. It's hard to say, who is more famous and significant, as it is impossible to imagine Nigerian music industry without both of them. Alongside with that, we can't but notice about Davido, who is also pretending to be the richest and the most successful among them. It is worth mentioning that simultaneous competition between the singers is like a gold balance that gives the possibility for them to do their best in order to be famous among the population or world widely, if we are talking about the large scale success. Nevertheless, for us it would be better to stop comparing and just enjoy their wonderful songs. Thus, everyone can decide, who the best is for him or her. Their music and styles are very different and unique. Both performers have managed to reach great success and wealth because of their talent and hard work. Nigeria must be proud of its talents.

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