Illuminati symbols

What secrets signs of illuminati can be seen in our everyday life? What is their meaning? Read the article about these mystical questions.

Many signs of illuminates are used practically everywhere: in common life, in cartoons and in movies, while people don’t even know their meaning. This text will help you to be more informed about it.

Illuminati symbols

Illuminati symbols in everyday life

  • Pyramid, an eye in pyramid, rhombus, triangle, and eye in triangle are dedication rank signs. A pyramid is an important symbol of illuminati meaning type of structure of the power when all Mankind is controlled by small group of elected people.

The symbol becomes even more powerful when emphasis is placed on eye, soaring over an incomplete pyramid that means the Eye of Omniscience.

The well-known hip-hop performer Jay-Z has made this sign popular since he used it as a symbol of labels Roc-A-Fella, Def Jam and Roc Nation.

Illuminati symbols in everyday life

Other variation of this gesture is turned triangle. The current German chancellor Angela Merkel has made this sign her own trademark.

  • Gesture the threefold six (666) – is carried out when forefinger touches to big (circle) and other fingers follow it, forming tails of three six.
  • Horns of devil. In form, this gesture reminds the head of horned animal and his real destination. This is expression of love to the devil. The fingers straightened up represent horns of goat Baphomet, and densely closed average and big fingers are lips.

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Illuminati symbols in Disney

According to one of researchers of illuminates Fritz Springmeier, the sign of horn is one of triggers for hypnotic induction, used at monarch-slaves programming.

  • Gesture of a hidden eye – the Eye of Omniscience, Lucifer's eye, Eye of Horus. The sign becomes by closing of one eye (hand, some objects, and hair), so that only one eye was visible. This sign originates from ancient Egypt and represents Gore's eye, the Eye of Omniscience (the eye soaring over pyramid). In the theory of plot, it designates fidelity and service to illuminates and Satan. Very often, this sign can be seen at slaves that can also symbolize impossibility of perception of an integral picture of the world.

Illuminati symbols in movies

Illuminati symbols in Disney

  • Snow-white gloves of Mickey represent a point of connection with freemasonry, in whose full dresses they appear for a long time. It is the code ciphered in clothes. Often it is used in various animated characters. White gloves reflect in comics and animated films much more, than just reference to freemasonry.
  • The bow with knot at Minnie represents obligatory function of ritual sodomy — a fastening. The bow is drawn at Minnie Mouse on the head, between ears-three that only strengthens a symbol potentiality. It is a sign that she was ritually fastened to Mickey.

Illuminati symbols 1

  • Roy Disney was famous practicing mason. Walt Disney wasn't illuminate when he was adult, but he was a member of Order de Mole, Masonic order for boys. On one shot from old comic book you can see how Mickey referees at meeting "Horns and hoofs" of Order de Mole.
  • Mickey Mouse's ears are popular sign of monarch programming. Sign ears of Disney's mouse mean figure 3 on the head representing crown ability, which is activated after opening of the third eye (the 7th ability). In total, these two figures indicate a code 33. Ears represent number 3 in negative space. You can also see 3 as 'm' for 'Mickey' or 'mason'. The mouse is drawn so that ears look like 3 from any foreshortening. That is absolutely unnnatural.

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