Is Don Jazzy an Igbo man?

Who is Don Jazzy and that's the name of his people? Is it true that Don Jazzy come from the Igbo tribe? What does Don Jazzy do about his heritage? The answers to these questions are in this article.

is don jazzy an igbo man?

Is don jazzy an Igbo man?

Don Jazzy is the pseudonym of one of the very well-known figures of culture and art in Nigeria. His real name is Michael Collins Ajereh, he was born in Lagos State, in the land of Umuahia. Don Jazzy biography is a pretty interesting thing. Currently, Don is committed to producing musicians, he writes songs and music. He was able to work with many famous musicians. How old is he now? He was born in 1982, so Don Jazzy age is now 34 years. This confident man accomplished so much. His family has always been in love with the music, his brother also achieved success. Don founded two record companies. This made Don a very famous person in the music world of Africa.

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Early life and education

The artist was born in the state of Lagos, where he grew up and was raised by his parents. He received a good education and an early age became interested in music. His main hobby was the bass guitar. Later he became interested in business and succeeded on this field. In 2000, he was waiting for the first big success; he visited London for the first time.

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Don jazzy net worth has gradually become more recognizable. He was loved by the audience and many people began to realize that his songs are special. Special musical greeting for the songs by Don Jazzy had been developed so the tracks could be easily found.

Gradually the musician realized that he might not only make music but also to promote other singers. He participated in the recording of the best albums ever published in Nigeria.

He did not participate in the full recording of don jazzy songs but often acted as a back vocalist. He was always very kind to his performers and co-stars, including such pillars of music as Jay-Z and Kanye West.

Don continues to maintain and support his musicians. No less awe he applies to his roots.

Don Jazzy is often discussed in the press because of his ethnic origin. In fact, he is a representative of the people of Igbo. Often he mentions it because his origin plays an important role in his life and the music he does. According to the artist, in the first place, he is a resident of Nigeria, and the second is a representative of Igbo. He remembers the fate of his people and has never denied his involvement in their history.

don jazzy net worth


Don Jazzy won many awards. Despite the fact that in the life of the musician there were a large number of conflicts with different colleagues, he has more than once become the owner of the prestigious awards.

Among his awards, he received a Producer of the Year title four times as well as a Special Recognition award.

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