What are popular Igbo names and their meaning?

What are the most popular Igbo names and how are these names connected with god? What is the meaning of well-known names of Igbo origin? Read the article to learn more about it.

Igbo last names and their meanings

Igbo last names and their meanings

Igbo names and meaning differ from each other a lot, but one thing is common. If to look at Igbo girl names and their meaning or names for boys, it is possible to notice that a huge amount of Igbo names mention God as its part. So you can just look at the list of popular Igbo names and their meaning and be convinced of it:

Names of God in Igbo and their meaning

  • Obimnaetochukwu – ‘my heart praises God’.
  • Chimamanda – ‘god will never bring me down’.
  • Chizutere – ‘god's envoy’. It is one of the most favorite names among Igbo. There are also such versions as Zicora and Ziteora. This name will be suitable both for boys and for girls.
  • Kamsiyochukwu is a ‘request for God’. This name expresses implementation of treasured desire of mother because her main wish – to give birth to the child – has come true.
  • Ndidiamaka-Patience – ‘advantage’. This is a woman name for confident people demonstrating huge patience of the person.
  • Chukwuebuka means ‘the power of god’.
  • Chibuikem means ‘strength of the god’.

Names of God in Igbo and their meaning

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  • Ifeanyichukwu – this name means ‘that for god there is nothing impossible and he is capable of making anything’.
  • Chidindu – ‘god's life’.
  • Kosaluchukwu – ‘tell it to god’.
  • Mmerichukwu – ‘god's victory’.
  • Kesandu – ‘continuous increase’.
  • Chinuanumogu – ‘god fights together with me’.
  • Somadina – ‘I will never be alone’.
  • Mgbechikwere – ‘god's permission’.
  • Mgbeke or Mgbee – ‘worthless’.
  • Ekwutosinammadibegi – ‘don't judge your neighbor’.
  • Chukwualuka – ‘god has succeeded’.
  • Odinakachukwu – ‘in god's hands’.
  • Egezinaasiri – ‘stop listen to gossips’.
  • Chijioke – ‘shares good luck’.

Igbo names and their meaning

  • Nnamdi – ‘my father is a god’.
  • Obiageli – this name means that everyone who will deal with this person has to take part in his improvement.
  • Chimaobi – ‘god knows the heart’.
  • Chimdike – ‘my God is strong’.
  • Oluebube – ‘magnificent work’.
  • Obianuju – ‘the generous child’.
  • Chinedu – ‘god's mentor’.
  • Adaobi – ‘the princess’.
  • Adaora – ‘the daughter of people’.
  • Chinua/Chinualumogu – ‘allow God to fight for me’.
  • Ogochukwu – ‘kindness of god’.
  • Kosisochukwu – ‘as it is pleasant to god’.
  • Onyekachi – is ‘more than god’.
  • Nneka – ‘great mother’.
  • Nnedinma – ‘good mother’.
  • Nneoma – ‘good mother’.
  • Ezinne – ‘virtuous mother’.

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