What are weird African tribal traditions?

What weird tribes traditions exist in Africa? What traditions still exist in tribes` world? Find out in this list.

African traditions

Africa is a region that is populated by a wide diversity of tribes and nations. All of them have their customs, culture, habits, practices. Some can be created to prove bravery, adulthood, manhood or womanhood of one of the particular member of the tribe. Nevertheless, Africa is a place of weird tribal traditions. Some of them are just part of the historical heritage that needs to be preserved in tribes. Other have practical meaning as part of certain changes of life like puberty. There are also tribal wedding traditions which for some parts of Africa do not lack weirdness.

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Widow innocence traditions in Nigeria

Nigeria Widows

To lost your husband it`s a half of problems but you need to prove that you did not kill him. What else could be humiliating for some widows than to participate in this Nigerian tribal tradition? To prove the innocence of the widow she must drink the water where the corpse of her husband lied. Also, the family members of her husband may made her forcefully to shave her head. If it`s not enough the widow must sleep one night with a corps of her husband to prove the innocence.

The Saint Inquisition in Africa

Saint Inquisition in Africa

The tribes traditions and beliefs didn`t leave witch crafting unnoticed. If there is a suspicious of a man or woman witch crafting abilities, they may need to see a special doctor. The doctor may have some distant connection with European Middle Ages inquisitor as the methods of diagnosing whether a patient a witcher, witch or other carrier of diabolic entity are the same.

The wedding tribe weird traditions

wedding tribe weird traditions

The Sudanese Latuka tribe has a very strange ritual of curtsying. Well, males of this tribe are not a waiting type. They wouldn`t spend a month of grooming a future wife. Instead of this they just grab what they want literally. If a man likes a certain woman of the tribe she might expect to be kidnapped. If that happened and the groom succeeded in kidnapping the future wife has no chance to say “No” as it would bring shame to her family.

Strange spitting habits in Massai Tribe

Masai tribe

In some countries of the world spitting in the way of a stranger can be evaluated as an offence and of humiliation. The Massai tribe has another idea of this habits and instead of saying “Hi” they would spit on the way of the acquaintance. It`s their way of protecting people from evil spirits, that`s why they would also spit on the newborn children. Also, to show respect for the elders, it`s needed to spit on your hands before shaking hands with the elder.

Aunt`s responsibility

Aunt`s responsibility

It`s a rare case that future faience wants to see her to-be-a-husband with another woman but Banyankole tribe has another opinion. The marriage is a burden for aunty of the future bribe as she needs to test the future husband. It`s not recommended for aunty to choose a man who can`t bring satisfaction to her niece.

How to prove your manhood?


Try to make it in Fulani style by allowing elders to whip you out. Sharo, as this process named, is a meaningful tradition that allows separating men from boys. The one who holt still during wiping and made no noise could be a proven man of the tribe and ready to start a family.

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