What is Boxing Day?

Looking forward to boxing day? Find out what it is and about its traditions.

What is Boxing Day

We all know that Englishmen are really serious in keeping all their traditions alive for long centuries. Keeping their traditions helps Englishmen conserve their own uniqueness among other nations of the world. One of such traditions, which did initially appear in England and later spread to other countries, is celebration of Boxing Day on December 26.

We all probably heard that Boxing Day has something to do with Christmas, so let us get some more information about this holiday.

Christmas period is a happy one right only when its Christmas or right after it, but rather hectic several weeks before it – everyone is looking for all kinds of nice presents to get for family members like kids, or parents, or spouses etc, and for some friends and colleagues. We also prepare presents, letters and postcards for those who live far from us and who we are not able to spend festive night with.

After Christmas celebration we all need some time to relax, so Boxing Day is a good chance to have some rest, as in most countries it is a state holiday and a day-off.

 Boxing Day

Boxing Day is celebrated the next day after Christmas. The name of Boxing Day keeps the main idea of the holiday. It is about boxes! Those boxes that we put Christmas presents in. But what exactly does it mean?

There are several ideas about this holiday. First of all, in past centuries there was a tradition when lords gave presents to their servants on this day and let them have a day-off after Christmas parties held in lords’ houses. Those presents were usually packed in boxes, and contained some nice things, bonus money etc. Some historic records also say that boxes could include food and sweets. Lords never expected any gifts in return, it was their own gratitude for their people’s service during the year.

So this tradition is considered to be the ancestor of modern Boxing Day.

Now people create all kinds of funny explanations for Boxing Day. Some say that it is the day you need to clean your home after the holiday and get all the boxes to the trash bin.

Others say that it’s the day when you take all the presents you do not like back to where they were sold, and you take them there in a box, so nobody sees what exactly you are returning.

Boxing Day 2017

Also there are people who think that this day is actually about boxing, meaning fighting, when all the guests, who were celebrating for two days before, get very drunk and start fights with each other. But we do not like this idea and consider it just a dumb joke.

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It is a day when you can take a break, look through your presents once again, call everyone you could not call earlier, congratulate them, or simply just do nothing. Most people are happy to have a day off after a really hard period so they do not really care about the origins of this holiday. So everyone just loves Boxing Day!


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