TOP 5 Nigerian scammers - definition and threats

Unfortunately Nigeria is known worldwide for its online scams. Find out about the top five of the scammers from this country.

There are many different problems in Nigeria. However, even much more of them have appeared with the advent of the Internet. You have probably heard about the issue called Nigerian scammer. Such type of people has become known worldwide. So, let’s observe the issue in details.

nigerian scammers

Who is Nigerian scammer?The term originates from the word scam, which usually denotes various kinds of fraud and dishonest schemes. Thus, scammers are those people, who perpetrate a scam. They are often called swindlers. They make use of deceit in order to reach their goals. Fraud in Nigeriais thought to be a common case; however, the most widespread is online one.

Types of Nigerian scams

Before we may start talking about internet fraud and other connected things, it is essential to look at the most common types of scams. Remember that every person can face them, that’s why it is vital to be attentive and distinguish the possible kinds. They are:

Bad investment. Such type usually involves particular products or firms with high risks. Special artists assure investors that it is a profitable deal without any dangers. The biggest sigh of fraud is a promise of good returns. Do not forget, they are always accompanied by risks. And if someone tries to convince you of the opposite – s/he is probably a swindler.

Identity Theft. It is mostly widespread in the USA. Such scammers steel a person’s ID and use it for various purposes. For example, it might be applied for tax fraud, online purchases, crime, and so on.

Soft. Thnigerian scammers 1e key thing about them is that they are really difficult to detect. We usually notice them when it is too late. The fraudsters misrepresent genuine companies or products. They exist in reality, but con artists add some artificial detail to make them more attractive than they are in reality.

Hard. This is close to the previous one, but they represent nonexistent companies or products. Fraudsters usually find potential investors. It often looks very true to life, like a real business.

Internet scam. As the Internet gets more and more available, this kind becomes more frequent and widespread. It especially concerns Nigeria. There is large number of possible varieties from hacking to steeling personal data and fake websites. To avoid it, first, never download anything from the unreliable resources. It is also advisable not to open emails from unknown senders and never give any personal information on the Internet and via social networks.

nigerian scammers 2Affinity. It concerns ethnic or religious groups of people. Con artists usually pretend to belong to the similar group as you do.

Pyramid. This type involves continuous recruitment of new investors. The one must pay fee to join. Then, for every new member you can also get a small amount of money. Thus, it works until there are members to join.

These are the most common existing types, which are very widespread in Nigeria and abroad.

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Warning signs

In order to avoid Internet fraud, you need to be able to distinguish it. So, it is obviously a fraud, if:

  • you are going to buy something on the Internet and a seller asks you to pay through any resource that is impossible to trace (for instance, Western Union) – it can be fraud,
  • you take part in an online auction and see that a person gives you a picture from the other source and it does not correspond to the features of a product – it is obviously a liar,
  • nigerian scammers 3you see too low price of any expensive product,
  • you get disembodied links and there is nothing except them in letters,
  • you get a letter from any unknown address,
  • you get a message from some company and something is wrong with grammar or spelling,
  • there are information requests in the letter from schools, banks, etc.,
  • someone promises you will get money,
  • emails have too urgent content.

Dating scam letters

This is another subtype of Internet fraud. You should be very careful while chatting on the dating sites. Thus, pay attention to the following signs:

  • Confession before real meeting. Of course, sometimes people may have a distant relations, however, in most cases, if you have not seen a person and s/he says about love – it is a liar. Do not forget, that to live a person you must know not only his or her character, but also the physical features. Otherwise, it is hard to talk about love honestly.
  • nigerian scammers 4Avoiding questions. When you ask about appearance or job and get no answers or they are too vague – it might be a fraudster.
  • Money issue. If a person often asks you about money (especially when you have just met) – it is a bad sign. The same thing is when s/he constantly talks about his or her large income. Normal people would like to be loved for who they are and not for what they have. A good guy or girl will never ask to borrow money, as they are not looking for any profit.
  • Fake picture. Ask to send a photo via email. If it is the same as in profile, it is not real.
  • Too fast. It is almost the same as love confession. If you see phrases that seem too much, be careful.
  • Going offline. Scammers prefer to use emails, because dating websites can detect them as all accounts are being checked.
  • No meeting. If a person avoids any possibility to see you and always tries to find a reason, it is a scammer.

Now you know about the signs of various types of Internet scam and can save your reputation and money.

Nigerian scammer list

Living in Nigeria, you have probably heard about these people. Let’s observe the list:

  1. nigerian scammers 5Yahoo boys. There are 5 boys, who have studies Information Technologies in Kuala Lumpur. In summer this year, they were arrested for almost N130 million Internet fraud. The police withdrew five laptops, 20 hand phones, ATM cards, SIM cards and documents applied to scam their victims by means of email, SMS, and so on. The victims must have followed certain procedure to get a money prize.
  2. Nigerian 419. It is internationally known scheme. They send fraudulent proposals. They may offer currency exchange, estate purchases, funding, etc. There is even a special community of people in Nigeria, who try to fight them.
  3. Emmanuel Nwude. He has been very famous since the late 90s. He is a former Director of Union Bank of Nigeria. The most glaring example of his actions appeared when he defrauded a big sum of money (about $240 million) from a Brazilian man.
  4. Olayinka Ilumsa Sunmola. He was pretending to be retired military man and was engaged in online romance scam (by asking money from the victims). He stole photos and data from real people. Last year he was finally arrested in the UK.
  5.  nigerian scammers 7Olukade Kehinde Martins. He is a Nigerian, who has been pretending to be a white woman. He has said to a Ukrainian businessman ‘she’ is a permanent US resident in Nigeria and needs money. However, the entrepreneur managed to distinguish the fraud, when scammer sent his personal data for transaction.

There are plenty of people, who do illegal things in order to get money. You must be very careful, especially on the Internet. Fraudsters can use your personal information, credit cards, and many other things. Always pay attention to the warning signs. They will allow you to avoid terrible consequences. Besides, it’s essential to keep to certain rules while chatting via network. Thus, all you data and money will be all right.

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Beware of doing business or having a romantic relationship with Nigerians. They will do anything to get US citizenship. They have no morals, scruples or heart. Before you marry them find out if they are in US legally. Find out if they have a valid social security card b4 you marry them. They have no problem taking on a new identity in the US & pretending they do not have a wife in Nigeria. They will have another family in Nigeria & deny it while swearing on a stack of bibles that they are single. They will cheat, lie & steal to get what they want. Once they obtain US Citizenship they will divorce you & sue to get 1/2 of what is yours. DO NOT believe them as lying, cheating & fraud is their way of life. They are heartless & evil! They will pretend to love God while practicing juju & doing evil to you. If you meet a Nigerian, run from them as fast as you can. They hide behind God, Bible & prayer while defrauding you! Do not trust them. RUN

Answered 3 weeks ago.

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Answered 1 month ago.

Today there is a large number of internet scams. This is the easiest type of fraud. Which does not require much time and great effort to carry out fraud. Unscrupulous people who do not want to work wanting a good, prosperous life, his fraud cheat gullible. You should always be careful, no checks and no need to transfer personal data to strangers. Do not answer the strange letters and messages. Check various information about a person or company that invites personal data.

Answered 1 year ago.

The fight against fraud needs to continue. Nigeria only began to emerge from the crisis, the country has a Finance, but then, people declared to be willing to destroy the economic system. Despite the fact that most of the people of Nigeria does not live rich, they are willing to help the state in combating fraud. This is important when the population shares the view about the creation of a prosperous society. The intelligence of the population is increasing, thus increasing the progress of society in all spheres, including fraud. But I am sure that with time, Nigeria will rule the order, as in European countries.

Answered 1 year ago.

Forewarned is forearmed, thank you for warning us, dear author. I've received a few scam letters too, but luckily I'm not so credulous to send money to the scammers. However, I'm pretty sure that many people trust the fraudsters and get involved into different fraudulent schemes. People, who are inexperienced internet users, often suffer big losses, as internet thieves steal their hard-earned money. So we have to warn our relatives, especially elder ones, and tell them about all the tricks described in this article.

Answered 1 year ago.

This article is worth reading to all! Nowadays, in great amount of Internet scams, that try steal our money. We must keep this in mind and carefully refers to request transfer money. I also got letter with proposal for work, which you must first give money! But is it fair employer will require you pay for the work you want do? I immediately realized it was hoax. I hope, that other people just do not believe in such tricks. Also worth wary of shopping online, buy things only from reliable sellers.

Answered 1 year ago.
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