Why Nigerians don't buy goods made in Nigeria? - 5 reasons

Nigerians don't buy goods made in their native country. Why is it so? What are the reasons, which make them to choose goods from other countries? Do not miss the precious information here!

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The Nigerian Authorities are concerned to make people buy Goods made in Nigeria and to make the Naira much stronger. But there is still the fact that Nigerians prefer to buy different foreign goods or products instead of ones Nigerian made. Here are a few reasons why Nigerian people keep refusing to buy Nigerian goods.


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Sometimes we create our own problems. A lot of people consider the goods and products made in our country as inferior and not up to any standard as the goods produced in another country, so as a result people decide not to buy products made in Nigeria. Even more, those who wish to purchase such goods always meet discrimination, so people try to avoid the embarrassment avoiding Nigerian products.


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No person would like to buy a good that has low quality. Most Nigerian poor quality products as the manufacturers are trying to make the most profit or fail the management of resources. For example, you cannot expect that a Nigerian person purchase a bag of rice, where a half of it is fusually illed with stones and other debris, so Nigerian prefers to buy a bag of rice, which is produced elsewhere and which is totally free stone.

Poor Advertisement and Awareness

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Advertisement is the most important thing in any market. Major part of Nigerian producers and manufacturers always do not understand the huge importance of clever advertising, so how a Nigerian can guess these products are produced in Nigeria and they can fully satisfy his needs. The proper advertisement is not conducted, so people do not notice the existence of such Nigerian products. As there is no awareness regarding to such a product, they will certainly buy needed goods made outside our country, where advertising and information is available for people.


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However, Nigerian manufactures and producers are to be blamed for all of this. Sometimes they all want to make fast money or super huge profit due to increasing the prices of their products to the level of ones, which are produced in other countries. Well, why would a Nigerian person want to buy a certain good made in Nigeria with a price, which is more than one which is produced outside the country. Products made within the country must be much cheaper than imported ones.

Poor after purchasing services

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If you buy a Toyota Car today, you can be assured that there are a lot of authorized outlets as, for example, Elizade Motors, where any Nigerian can service or maintain any Toyota car with a high quality in most areas of Nigeria. But if you decide, for example, to buy an Innoson auto that is produced in our country, you see that it doesn’t have normal authorized servicing outlets, where a Nigerian person can fix or maintain the auto. So, of course, Nigerian definitely stop buying the Innoson produced in Nigeria and chose Toyota autos or something like that instead.

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