Why Sultan of Sokoto asks customs to revise rice importation policy?

Why Sultan of Sokoto told that there is no food in Nigeria? Why rise policy should be revised? Find out the latest news in this article!

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The Sultan of Sokoto, Alhaji Sa’ad Abubakar III,  told that the Nigeria Customs Service should lift the ban on importation of rice through the land borders.

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Sultan’s call

The Sultan made the call when the Comptroller-General of the Service visited him in his palace in Sokoto on Monday.

He said that the order had brought difficulties on the Nigerian people as it had sharpened scarcity of the commodity in the country. He added that the policy should be revisited to  make amends and ameliorate the suffering of Nigerians

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“Cries’’ from the masses

The Sultan said that he had been receiving “cries’’ from the masses on their plight over hardship in the land, and appealed to the service to address the issue urgently.

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Sultan said that there is no food in the country, thus the boarders should be reopened for rice importation. 

However, he also commended the renewed efforts of the Federal Government to boost domestic production of rice. He assured that the traditional institution would continue to sensitize the people to the need to support the policies of government at all levels.

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Smuggling condemnation

The monarch condemned smuggling. He also charged the service to mobilize the people to offer information that could aid the arrest and prosecution of perpetrators.

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He added that Nigerians must be duly informed about the negative effect smuggling has on the nation’s economy. Before that, Ali had said that he was in Sokoto.  He decided about the effectiveness of enforcement of the ban on rice importation through land borders.

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The order was a measure by the Federal government to encourage and protect the local production of the commodity. Ali petitioned the support of the Sultanate Council in ensuring the success of the fight against smuggling.

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