Would the electricity bills highly increase for Nigerians?

Will you have to pay more for the electricity after the price increase in the nearest future? Learn the shocking new bill!

200% increase in electricity price

This is the question of major interest for many people. Electricity is one of the few commodities available in Nigeria. Regular blackouts and high prices tend to ruin small businesses and lower the quality of life of the common people. Will the bills grow even more? Find out now.

200% increase in electricity price is possible!

Discos has made a proposal you would certainly hate! It offered NERC to raise the prices for electricity by over 200 percent. Currently people pay N22.8 per kilowatt-hour. What would the price be like if this offer is approved?

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Residential consumers may have to pay more if Nigerian Electricity Regulatory Commission consents to take the Discos’ offer. This company wishes to increase rates to be able to stay in business. So, the possible price you may be charged in the nearest future would be anywhere from N70 to N105!

It’s sad news for Nigerians! Hopefully the quality of service would also increase and those constant massive blackouts stop.  However, during the recession many households would have to use light wisely to avoid going broke over the bills.

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