How to move to UK

This is what you should know about getting a visa to UK. It is possible to get, if you really put forth the efforts.

How to move to UK

There are thousands of potential reasons to go abroad. Well-paid job, higher education in a good university, relative or beloved person that waits for you, or a simple desire to live in a well-to-do country that cares for its citizens better than your native land. Life in the United Kingdom has many advantages. Its law protects the people not just legally but in fact; there are many entrants, so it is possible to find compatriots. It is a member of the EU now, and even if in future the situation changes, United Kingdom will stay more than a livable country. The main language of UK is English, international language. That is quiet enough to start seeking the information how to move to UK.

Ins and outs of how to move to UK

1. So, how to move to UK? What do you need?

Do not be afraid to apply for a visa, as the visa receiving can be long enough but not really hard. Also, you will need a work permit. It is not necessary to get it before you come to the country, but if you want to have a good work, get it now.

Your language must be perfect. If you speak Pidgin, better improve your grammar and pronunciation to fit the culture. Otherwise you will hardly find the work and your life will be more complex indeed.

How nigerian move to UK

2. How to get UK visa?

Nobody likes idlers and the British are not the exception. To get an opportunity of dwelling in UK you should prove that you are not going to walk over the Board of Treasury and live off others. There are some kinds of UK visa. The kind of your visa depends on the purpose of the travel and the time you plan to pass in the United Kingdom. Remember that using fictitious marriages to go abroad is outlawed. Do not try to come round the system as the government of the country can forbid you to visit this country for life.

 nigerian move to UK

3. Why they can refuse to give you a UK visa

If you have a tuberculosis, tetanus etc., the British will withhold you from the visit. Also, it is better when you are immunized, your passport or any other documents are not expired, and you do not lie about your purpose or biography. In addition, you should persuade the controllers that you have enough money (or relatives that would help you first time) and can provide yourself. Than there will not be any problem with visa.

move to UK

4.  How much money you need to move to UK

United Kingdom is an expensive country. Especially London. Do not arrive to London if you are not sure it is possible for you to survive there. The best way is to have money for month or two (1500-2000 pounds per month) and start searching for work at once since you appear in United Kingdom. The largest UK cities are not good for start as they are also the most expensive, and the work market competition there is harder to win. Often when people want to go to UK, they even do not know what town to choose, what to do etc. As a result, they go to London, quickly spend all their money, search for work for more time than they imagined and understand that the situation comes to be more serious than they thought it would be. Be careful, make a plan. In some way, it is less interesting to find out how to move to UK than how to live there.

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You can choose the kind of your visa using this site: https://www.gov.uk/check-uk-visa

Than fill out an application on the official site (https://www.visa4uk.fco.gov.uk/home/welcome) or visit a local visa application center. It is not so hard to move to UK than to start doing something. Follow the tips described in this article and you will certainly achieve your goal.

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