What is it like to serve NYSC in Kano State?

Ready to do your NYSC in Kano State? Learn the pros and cons of it.

 NYSC in Kano State?

Being a corper is a noble thing and it can open up a prospective in life for you. However, many folks worry about the places they got to do their NYSC service in. One of them is Kano State. 

How is it to serve NYSC in Kano State?

The camp is located in Sabon Gari and it is good, beacuse this place is the safest of all inthis area. Moreover, they have many night clubs, restaurants and hotels there. It is the only place you can get booze at in the area, too. The town looks nothing like the rest of the Kano State. 

How is it to serve NYSC

And there are many Igbos around the place. Another NYSC camp called Karaye is located in Kusaladam and is deemed to be one of the best camps in Nigeria. Here are few of the things you can enjoy at this camp:

  •  Regular rest time during the day

  •  Friendly soldiers

  •  Lack of stress

  •  No strict punishment for the corpers 

  •  A different reality from what you imagine

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How is it to serve NYSC in Kano

Life and education in Kano State is very different from other parts of Nigeria. And the life in Kano State is not cheap. Here are some of the challenges to be ready for:

  •  Many people do not speak English

  •  Prices are high

  •  You can get wrong kinds of food in the restaurants (because of the language barrier)

  •   Local girls are not eager to hook up with you 

As you see, doing NYSC in Kano State is not a bad option, but it has some problems to overcome. 

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