Condoms Are Free, Why Not Education?

What do young people need: free condoms or free education? Let’s find out.

Condoms Are Free

This question was raised by the students in South Africa. They even took to the streets to protest after a certain suggestion of their government. Let’s find out more.

Free condoms vs. free education?

The government of the SA offered to raise the tuition fees for colleges and universities by at least 8 percent. But at the same time, it gives away tons of free condoms for the students. Why such stinginess in one thing and generosity in another?

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Why Not Education

Do students really need more of free condoms or a better and more affordable level of education? Young people took to the streets to protest against such a foolish decision. Yes, condoms can save lives of those, who are unlearned and uneducated to make poor decisions in life. However, education also has the power to save lives!

When young people get empowerment through education, they make better and safer choices in life. They have the future and opportunities to grow, make their dreams come true and start families they can support. If young people have brilliant prospective in life, it stimulates them to stay away from dangerous sex and provides them with enough thought and money to buy the high quality condoms for their personal protection.


The more education people get the safer and smarter choices they make in life. They become more responsible for their sexual partners, too. They know the consequences of unprotected sex in regards to STDs and undesirable pregnancies. So, the more free education is given out, the less free condoms the nation needs!

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