How to become a writer?

If you wish to become a writer and make money online, these tips would come handy.

How to become a writer

There are many ways to earn in the Internet, especially if you do not squander time. Programmers, translators, designers will simply find work if their skills and experience are enough to interest the employer. But even if you have no experience yet, don’t lose your heart. This article will tell you what is necessary to become a writer and raise money with the help of the Internet. So, you surely need…

Here is what you need to become a writer

1. Great literacy

What is good at school: if you make some mistakes in the dictation, all you get is a bad mark. But nobody wants to read the article with mistakes, and your salary and reputation are at stake ever since you set to work. Just gauge your faculties properly. In case you have several problems with punctuation or grammar, it is possible to study up the rules, but if your texts are fully unreadable, it is better to think about any other work.

Also, the literacy means that you know how to build the structure of the article and how to name it. The title should be catchy, and it is better when the theme is clearly reflected in it. The headline may be abstract but in copywrite it is usually more important to brighten the direct theme for the direct audience. If you call the article on microeconomic “New Year comes soon”, some of the readers will be surprised, and others will just overpass it although there could be the information they needed.

As for structure of the text, never forget: there should be the introduction, the body and the conclusion. Otherwise your article will look incomplete and lame.


2. A talent for writing

Have you ever read a grammatically correct but totally uninteresting text? It happens not once in a way, and the root of it is that the writer does not know (or does not want to know) what is interesting for the readers. He writes unemotionally as if there was no difference what to write and for whom. Do not be afraid to use the vital style and “talk” with your readers. In any case, it is better than making literary but boring material.

How to become a writer in Nigeria

3. Research skills

You do not need to know everything but it is important to find and analyze information quickly, without pain and sorrow in the soul because there are so much data and you have no idea how compare them into the clear comparable lines. Research is a daily reality of copywriter. Be ready to get in with Google, Yandex, Bing or any other search system at all times during the work.

 writer in Nigeria

4. Self-confidence.

Even if you are greatly talented and your knowledge of grammar touches upon genius, it is not guaranteed that you will really become a writer. And the main reason is that… You don’t want to. It is interesting to imagine “what would happen, if I…” But there are not so much time to dream, indeed.

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Stop being afraid and take up a matter. If you want to become somebody, start right now, find resources like Upwork, Freelancer, Toptal, etc., check in and seek work with their help. Or improve your skills till they will be enough to work. Deeds, not words, are really important. Although the writer would need both of these categories.


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