What are the most expensive secondary schools in Nigeria?

In Nigeria there are many secondary schools. And even though secondary education in Nigeria is free, there are many expensive private schools. In this article you will find out more information about the most costly ones.

Secondary education in Nigeria

Secondary education in Nigeria

In Nigeria secondary school education lasts for 6 years. First, you should spend three years in Junior Secondary School, and the same period of time in Senior Secondary School. The Senior Secondary School finishes on the WASSCE.

Please note that Junior Secondary School in Nigeria is totally free and obligatory for everyone. And when a student has passed Basic Education Certificate Examination, the gate to Senior Secondary School will be opened for him.

There are six core subjects Mathematics, English, one major Nigerian language, Economics, one elective out of chemistry, biology, physics or integrated science, one elective out of English history, literature, geography or social studies.

Please also keep in mind, that private secondary schools in Nigeria are very expensive. Standard yearly fees run from one hundred and fifty to three hundred and forty thousand naira. It is from one to two thousand US dollars. As a rule, such secondary schools have smaller classes, better environment, and up to date equipment. Most teachers in such schools are at least bachelors in a specific course area.

Secondary education

According to the recent statistics, private secondary schools in Nigeria have really done much to provide quality education for Nigerians. That is why a simple rule works here: the better the school, the pricier it is.

If parents can afford such a secondary education for their children, they never hesitate to withdraw their kids from the public schools to private ones.

Please note that private schools are also graded. That is why there are many secondary schools in Nigeria where teaching fees run in millions of Naira equaling thousand dollars. These schools are completely meant for the wealthy people, who are the only ones in the country who can have enough money for them.

According to the latest secondary school ranking, these schools have been recognized to be the most expensive ones in Nigeria. Thus, let us have a closer look at them, so that you can choose a secondary school for your children.

American International School

  • City: Lagos
  • Cost: 5.6 millions of Naira

American International School in Lagos

American International School of Lagos is a coeducational private school. It is the most costly secondary school in Nigeria. The institution proposes its students an American educational program for all nationalities in preschool through twelfth grade. It is the most expensive secondary school in Lagos. The school`s set of courses is based on the USA national standards. American International School of Lagos is completely accredited through the Council of International Schools and the Middle States Association.

Grange High School

  • City: Lagos
  • Cost: 4.4 millions of Naira

Grange High School in Lagos

Grange High School was formed with the aim to provide qualitative British education in a caring, cheerful, and compassionate environment. While learning, all children feel appreciated and are treated with self-respect. It is one the most expensive secondary school in Lagos. Grange High School is one of simply three in Nigeria that has accreditation from the UK Independent Association of Preparatory Schools. This is the second most luxurious secondary school in our country.

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British International School

  • City: Lagos
  • Cost: 4.37 millions of Naira

British International School in Lagos

British International School is an international English medium school. It was officially formed in September, 2001. The school has plenty of outstanding facilities for its students. In particular, there are various computer suites, music suites, multi-purpose hall, theatre, tutorial rooms, swimming pool, science suites, and many others. Please note that in this school parents pay teaching fees in the US dollars. The fees include children`s uniforms, feeding, textbooks, etc. The subject policies include the National Curriculum for England rations with minor modifications to reproduce the international setting. British International School is supported by foreigners.

American International School

  • City: Abuja
  • Cost: 4.25 millions of Naira

American International School

American International School is one of the most expensive secondary schools in Abuja. It is an American-accredited international school. It has been operating since 1993 already. This is really an international school with more than 32 nationalities represented among students. Only the very wealthy people could have the funds for education in this school. That is why, they presently have just about 540 students from pre-school to twelfth grade.

Day Waterman College

  • City: Abeokuta
  • Cost: 3.6 millions of Naira

Day Waterman College

Day Waterman College is an up to date co-educational secondary school. It has been established to offer a stimulating learning environment for secondary school children. This institution suggests all its students various world-class facilities, an accepted, diplomatic and focused setting.


Dear readers, what do you personally think about spending so much money for your child’s education? It is especially painful question for Nigeria, if to take into consideration the range of the definite gap between the poor and the rich. Do you think that public school students really get lower level education comparing to the private ones? Feel free to share your opinion in the comments below.

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