What degrees can you earn online?

The education through the Internet is more than real. Simply choose a training course, pay for it, and get the access to the database on the website of one or another educational institution. Then it all depends on your desire to achieve something great.

Online education

Many grown-up people want to continue learning during all their life. However, they can’t attend college for obvious reasons. The need to work and earn money doesn’t leave them any time for a full time studying. The strict schedule and stable requirements are not an option, as well. Here come the online educational programs that suit all the needs of working people because they offer flexible schedules and study plans. Completing online programs allows you to combine work and learning things you’ve always wanted to learn. If you are an ambitious person and desire to achieve both academic and professional goals, then online education is certainly for you.

As a rule, students receiving education through the Internet form a small group of 10-20 people and get a private teacher. He directs the educational process and monitors the progress of pupils. Communication takes place via video conferencing, email, and internal forums or chat rooms. All exams are also conducted online and often look like the most common tests, but more or less regularly oral exams are taken through Skype. In one word – it's real.

The ways of getting an online education can be divided into three categories. The first consists of a full curriculum that allows after to get a diploma, backed by real knowledge or skills. The second includes the courses for specific subjects and specialties that can be called "qualification." The third category refers to listening to lectures on a particular subject.

So, let’s see what degrees you can get online?

Online degrees

Graphic Design

Graphic design is becoming more and more relevant in the job market. Graphic designers pass the messages through different forms of visual communication. They need to know various techniques, be able to work with software programs and tools, as well as understand the principles of the work of electronic media devices. Graphic designers create packaging, logos, brochures, websites, and even magazines.  Many serious educational institutions offer online degrees in graphic design. There are associate, bachelor and master diplomas. The students will get the knowledge on the internet applications, multimedia, design development, web development and visual communication.


Marketing is a social and managerial process aimed at meeting the needs and requirements of the individuals and social groups through the creation, supply, and exchange of goods and services. Many people think that marketing is only advertising and selling. And no wonder: every day we are bombarded with hundreds of commercials, newspaper ads and messages about sales. However, advertising and sales are nothing more than part of the marketing, and they exist as two integral components of marketing. Marketing is a process consisting in forecasting the needs of potential customers and in meeting those needs through the availability of goods — products, technologies, services, etc. The main marketing activities include research (customer, product, market, planning, pricing policy, packaging, etc. There are many online programs in marketing offering bachelor and master degree levels. The courses include classes in advertising, statistics, business. Marketing degrees include a lot of specializations, as well.

Learning online

Human Resources

HR departments not only search and select the employees. They are responsible for the development of motivation schemes for employees (premiums, bonuses, social packages), as well as for staff training and professional development. An important function of HR departments is to convey corporate culture to employees of the organization. A good HR manager when picking the employees already knows how the new person will join the team, how easily he will accept the corporate culture, which increases in the qualification he's interested in. The classic HR managers conduct the first interview with the candidate and then direct the best to talk with the boss. The online courses in HR offer to learn about psychology, management, leadership.

Learning HR


Working in hospitality is an amazing opportunity to see the world and to meet many interesting people. Most of the operations, for example, housekeeping (room make-up) or mixing a cocktail "Sex on the beach" require a specific sequence of steps. Each unit adheres to a strict hierarchy: above the maids are supervisors, and their work, in turn, is watched by top managers. The success of the hospitality manager depends on his ability to establish not just formal, but friendly relations. You have always to be in a good mood. A pleasant, relaxed appearance, good manners, and tidiness will help you, as well. Tourists come from different countries. Therefore, it's good to have some language skills. You should also be a good team player, in case you need to replace the colleague. Online Hospitality programs can complement a pre-existing career in a related industry.  Due to the easy availability of online degrees, Hospitality is rapidly becoming one of the most practical online degrees available.

Hospitality Management

Nursing Education

Every doctor requires a competent assistant, who understands the disease and can even suggest a treatment strategy. Patients like to deal with nurses more than with doctors. So people who have devoted themselves to this profession have to particularly resistance to stress, have the ability to maintain good relationships and the ability to calm the sick person. A nurse writes the recipes, directions, and inquiries, thus obey the instructions of the doctor.

Nurse education

The nurse does the injections, inoculations, infusions, measures the temperature and pressure. You have to know the names, doses, and methods of production of drugs prescribed by your doctor. Also, nurses have to help the surgeons during surgery, change dressings, prepare the necessary surgical instruments. While patients are in the hospital, the nurse should monitor their mental status, personal hygiene, and nutrition. All of these things can be learned at online courses. After you practice, you can work as a full-time nurse.

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