What is the latest news on ASUU strike scheduled on Wednesday?

What are the reasons of new ASUU strike and what are its new purposes? What did the president of ASUU say about the federal government and their requirements? Read the information below to learn the latest news.

Latest news on ASUU strike

ASUU strike update

Latest news on ASUUstrike: ASUU has declared that it will organize one week-long ASUU strike, which is caused by the prevention of the Federal government to carry out the agreement of MoU 2009 and 2013. The national president of ASUU has reported about it during the press conference organized by the union. Biodun Ogunyemi has told after national consultation with participants that by Council of National executive committee it was accepted to organize one more weeklong ASUU strike 2016 as the prevention. The strike will begin on November 16.

‘There are a lot of aspects of MoU of 2013 and agreement of 2009 with the Federal government, which were badly processed or aren't carried out absolutely. In these agreements, regular payments of grants and questions of financing of universities are discussed.’

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'Refusal from the Federal government to carry out this agreement has caused serious difficulties at ASUU' – Biodun Ogunyemi has told.

The president of ASUU has declared that during the strike, there will be no occupations or exams. He has also appealed to all Nigerians to put emphasis on the Federal government to fulfill all patriotic requirements of ASUU while the Nigerian university system doesn't change the policy.

'Our union has asked a question why financing of education has gone down from 11 percent in 2015 to eight percent in 2016. With TSA introduction, federal universities consider extremely difficult to carry out their fundamental obligations of training, research, and public works. We tried to achieve understanding in government circles to receive grants on carrying out researches at universities, but haven't received the response' – Biodun Ogunyemi said. Follow the information to learn the further ASUU strike news.

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