What makes a good teacher?

What does a good teacher look like? What qualities make him the best? What should you aim for in an attempt to be the best? You can learn more about it here.

qualities of a good teacher

Being a good is not easy. There is a lot of impact he has and high standards set before him. Here are three quotes about the personality of a good teacher I find quite self-explanatory:

“A good teacher can inspire hope, ignite the imagination, and instill a love of learning.”

“Good teachers know how to bring out the best in students.”

“The mediocre teacher tells, the good teacher explains, the superior teacher demonstrates, the great teacher inspires.”

characteristics of a good teacher

It takes much more than just education to be a good coach. It should be a deep longing of your heart. This occupation takes all your effort and requires you to put many thoughts into the influence you have on your students. No mediocrity is allowed, as parents give you access to their children and hope that will be able to bring out the best of them, and teach them how to be not only qualified but also kind and warm-hearted.

So, let’s see what qualities make a good teacher and how you can become a better one yourself if you are working in this area and are determined to become the best.

According to an official survey conducted by Telegraph, a good teacher is supposed to have several important characteristics.

First of all, you will be considered a good teacher if you know your subject well. There is no point in being a teacher if you cannot give the students the knowledge they need; otherwise, you can be a counselor, but not a teacher. So, working hard on obtaining not just a degree in Literature, but profound knowledge of this subject will make you a better educator.

how to be a good teacher

Teachers should always be ready to study. New information appears all the time; things we used to learn at school are no longer topical, so you have to monitor the situation and be ready to “upgrade.” Apart from this, technologies give us a chance to teach complex material in a simple way. However, you will have to work on mastering these techniques to be able to introduce students to new concepts, new theories, and current facts.

Your knowledge of the subject might be even considered more important than qualification to be a teacher, as teaching is something you can learn on the go if you have the profound knowledge of the topic in question.

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The second quality every good teacher should have is the ability to control the discipline in the class. This is a trait one can acquire in the meantime; however, it is better if you have this ability as a part of your personality. You need to be able to feel each student and see what approach will work better in each situation. What works for one student does not apply to the rest of the class.

Anyway, whether it is about your character or not, being able to control a large group of people is not an easy task. Without it, you won’t be able to teach the material and make sure everyone knows what is going on. Thus, a good teacher is also a good disciplinarian.

The third quality of a good teacher is the ability to deal with stress. It is not easy when discipline is violated, deadlines are approaching, loads of paperwork take over your whole time, and working in a team of creative people can be overwhelming too. That is why being a good teacher means that you have to leave all of these troubles outside the classroom and teach everything your students have to know in the best and clearest way.

good teacher personality

An educator that cannot separate himself from all the stress he faces is likely to be judgmental and unfair. He can even attack students emotionally, while this is absolutely unacceptable for a teacher. And also, all children are different. Some of them need more time to comprehend and process information. That is why you will need to spend extra time explaining the same information over and over again. This is stressful and not fun. So, being able to work under pressure is essential to people working in this field.

The fourth quality a good teacher should have is the ability to work with the massive amount of material. Preparing for a lesson is always connected to searching for information on different sources and compiling it all together. You will have to be disciplined and determined to deal with this task. On top of that, it takes much of self-organization and personal responsibility.

The fifth characteristic of a good teacher is goal-orientation. You need to set clear goals and move toward hem without losing your focus. You have to establish what students will have to know by the end of the year and make sure you are moving at the proper pace and teach material of the best quality possible to ensure the success.

a good teacher

A good tutor will be able to run the classroom in perfect order. There will be a lot of things to master (like technologies, software, teaching approaches), shelves to organize, essays to read, problems to solve, and disputes to settle. That is why the teacher has to be smart about all of these things and have an idea of how to hold these responsibilities.

This is what we believe a teacher should be like. In case he can handle these duties, he will make it as an inspirer and a disciplinarian at the same time. There is nothing impossible for those who want to make it as a professional educator.

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