What top foreign universities offer scholarships for Nigerian students?

People are wondering whether they can study abroad. Everything is possible with the scholarships. Change your life becoming an international student!

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This precious information is created for Nigerian students, who are willing to get their future education abroad. They have a possibility to study at the different universities traveling all over the world. They are, for example: University of Phoenix, University of Michigan, University of Florida, University of Washington, and University of Toronto.

There are some scholarship prices, which are accessible to all Nigerian students willing to study abroad. All scholarships are sponsored by different education institutions (universities and colleges), people personally, government and some non-government organizations. Some of these scholarships can be academic based. Also they are mostly specifically intended for all students, who are willing to study specific programs or courses. Such scholarships offer grants, which are meant to make tuition cost much more affordable for not rich Nigerian (or any international) students.

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The eligibility for these scholarships may be different. Sometimes you might be asked to pass GMAT, SAT, GRE or something like this. Some scholarships are intended only for students from a particular course or program. Often some scholarships are intended for the citizens of a particular state.

Nigerian students are welcomed to go through the compiled list of scholarships in a lot of universities. You can find all the needed information about eligibility, cost, different application deadlines and amount of scholarship and others. Contact the universities before making your choice, because the conditions often change. They constantly update their pages with new information about scholarship conditions and opportunities for Nigerian students to study abroad.

University of Phoenix

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University of Phoenix constantly cooperates with the ASIS Foundation. It is a popular nonprofit organization, which is dedicated to elevating the security practice through scholarships, researches and different services.

University of Phoenix often innovates to help the working adults to move effectively from studying to careers in our rapidly changing world. Different flexible schedules, interesting, relevant and engaging classes and, of course, interactive learning - it can help all students work and study balancing their busy lives.

University of Michigan

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Sometimes different incoming international students that are not  US citizens (or, for example, Permanent Residents of the United States of America), have got very limited financial resources. Any international student, who finishes at least one semester of study at famous University of Michigan, can apply for the scholarships. There are different scholarships available in this university. So the chance ‘to get’ there is very high.

University of Toronto, University of Florida, University of Washington

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These universities offer different scholarships for their students. There are such as: Presidential Scholarships, Southern Scholarship Foundation, United World Scholarships, Wentworth Scholarships, Out of State Tuition Scholarships, Music Scholarships, Lombardi & Stamps Scholars Program and a lot of others.

Visit the websites of the universities to get the complete information.


Good evening readers of this discussion !!! The issue is quite interesting and necessary! As the students, such as foreigners, must be protected in any country! Scholarship - is one factor of the entire list, which must be endowed with any foreign student, including those resident in Nigeria. In Ukraine, the relevant institutions of higher accreditation, ie universities, which are national, using the system to protect students - foreigners. Such students provide scholarship size which is much bilschym than students of the country, and provides shelter to stay !!!

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